Gur Darbar Hire Policy

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The Gur Darbar Sahib is fully under the control of the Slough Sikh School Trust and this document is guidance by the Trust as to how the Gur Darbar Sahib is to be used. Any violation of these rules will be dealt by the Trust accordingly.

It is the policy of the Slough Sikh School Trust to ensure that the Gur Darbar Sahib within Khalsa Primary School (Slough) is run according to the following rules and regulations:


A facility dedicated for the primary purpose of conveying to the student, parents, residents of Slough and wider Sikh community the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

To provide a spiritual facility where the Sikh community can celebrate special occasions under the auspicious of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

To Provide an open environment for Sikh children and the young Sikh community to use the facility for spiritual, learning, cultural events and occasions, providing that such events are in line with the Sikh ethos of the school and the Sikh Code of Conduct and Conventions (Akal Takhat Sahib Rehat Maryada).

This is not the 3rd Gurdwara in Slough, and must not be promoted as such (for those who think it to be a 3rd gurdwara).

The Gur Darbar Sahib is not an open public facility in the sense that it is not open to the general public at all times during term time (as is for Gurdwara's).

The Gur Darbar Sahib facility cannot be used during term time from the hours of 8:30am to 3:30pm for any unauthorised usage.

However, there are exceptions where on special occasions such as Gurpurbs or any event deemed as special to the Sikh faith (and agreed by the Trust) when events may be held in the Gur Darbar Sahib.


Only the Sikh Rehat Maryada as defined by Sri Akal Takht Sahib (published by SGPC, Amritsar) and any resolutions that have been issued from there, shall be followed and promoted within the Gur Darbar Sahib.

No Sants, Babas, Bibis or sects, such as Nam Dharis, Nirankaris, Radha Swamis, Noormehlia, Sacha Sauda, Darshan Das, etc., will be allowed to promote themselves within the Gur Darbar Sahib.

At no time will any other faith functions be allowed to be held in the Gur Darbar Sahib.

The Gur Darbar Sahib will only be used for the accommodation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. At no time may the hall be used for any other purpose or any activity which could compromise respect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Any Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the Gur Darbar Sahib shall not be taken to an external place where any disrespect could take place, such as Pubs, Bars, Halls, Clubs, or any other establishment which the Trust deem to be unacceptable. .

Due to respect of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji no dancing, consumption of/or carrying of intoxicants (E.g. alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.) or meat/eggs (or products containing the same) shall be allowed onto the school premises.

At no time will the fundraising requirements of the school be allowed to compromise the overall objectives of the Gur Darbar Sahib. Specifically this is to mean multiple Akhand/Sehaj Patths or other similar events that are running within the Gur Darbar Sahib will not be allowed.

Unless authorised by the Trust no monies or donations are to be collected by anyone at any time.

Within the Gur Darbar Sahib facilities, no political parties will be allowed to make any speeches that promote their policies or influence their political means.

Also no individual will be allowed to propagate or criticise any other political parties.

No individual or party is allowed to make any political speeches or statements of any kind, unless authorised by the Trust.

No singing, singers, poetry (sikhia, sehra, bhangra, etc.) that is contrary to the Sikh religion will be allowed at any time.

No individual or group is allowed to promote themselves on the stage, without prior authorisation of the Trust.

All requests from the public or other parties outside these policies must be authorised by the Trust in writing.

No criticism should be made about any individual or groups in the Gur Durbar Sahib facilities. This also extends to include caste, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, etc.


During school time, the Gur Darbar Sahib will be managed by the head teacher in conjunction with the school Granthi in accordance to this policy. The head teacher and Granthi will be responsible to the Trust.

After school hours, weekends and holidays, the Gur Darbar Sahib will be managed by the Trust in conjunction with the Granthi. The Granthi will be responsible to the Trust.

Any events, programmes, functions to be held in the Gur Darbar Sahib outside school time shall be stage managed by the Trust.

If any individual or party using the facilities of the Gur Darbar Sahib wish to speak on stage, they must obtain prior permission from the Trust to do so and the

content of their material of the speech or any material to be distributed has to be approved by the Trust.


Any activities that conflict with the Sikh Rehat Maryada will be deemed against the principles of the school and the Sikh faith and so must cease immediately.

Any individual or group who deliberately violates these codes of practice on the school premises will be expelled and or permanently suspended from entry to the school grounds.

Any member of the school (children, parents, staff, trustees or governors) who deliberately violate these codes of practice will be removed from the premises of the school and or dismissed from any post held within the school.

During school time no unauthorised access will be allowed to the Gur Darbar Sahib between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm.

Daily prayers and Kirtan will be performed within the Gur Darbar Sahib during school assemblies and other times during the school day for the purpose of the school children.

Outside of the restricted hours of school operations the Gur Darbar Sahib can be used for morning and evening prays by the sangat.

The facilities of the Gur Darbar Sahib will only be accessible to non school pupils, staff, parents and others provided it does not hinder or interfere with the daily operation of the school and has been agreed by the head teacher and the Trust.

Any functions or activities which increase the profile of the school should be organised regularly.

Any donations made to the Slough Sikh School Trust must be receipted at the reception of the school premise during school hours or by the Trustees at any time.

Any anonymous donations must be made into the Golak of the Gur Darbar Sahib.

Where at the invitation of the School or Trust, important figure heads of the Sikh faith attend to enlighten the congregation; they shall be given due respect and given reimbursement of travelling expenses and costs that they may have incurred in arriving and attending to the school. Such amounts will be solely at the discretion of the Trust.


ALL ceremonies must be performed strictly according to the Sikh Rehat Maryada.

Ardas (Prayer)

This can take place any time outside school hours.


Sukhmani Sahib can take place any time outside school hours.

Sehaj Path Sahib can be held at any time outside school hours.

Akhand Path Sahib can only be held during school holidays except for special occasions where the Trust deem it to be appropriate according to the Sikh Calendar.

Janam & Naam Sanskaar (Birth & Naming Ceremony)

This can take place any time outside school hours.

Amrit Sanskaar (Baptism Ceremony)

This should be arranged as and when required any time outside school hours.

Anand Karaj (Wedding Ceremony)

This should be arranged as and when required any time outside school hours.

No confetti allowed on the premises.

Kalgi and or Sehra should be removed before entering the Gur Darbar Sahib.

No wedding procession (musical bands. Bhangara, chanting, etc.) is to be allowed beyond the school main front gate.

No Sagan or photography sessions allowed after the ceremony in the Gur Darbar Sahib. These can be done after the ceremony in a separate allocated place on site.

Antim Sanskaar (Funeral Ceremony)

This can only take place on weekends or holidays.

No dead body will be allowed on the school premises.

Any booking requests for the Gur Darbar Sahib should be logged (using the Gur Darbar Sahib booking form) with reception during school time or with the Trust at any time and the Trust will formally approve (with two trustee signitures) and respond in confirming the bookings.

All kirtan bheta should be accounted for before putting in Golak or before being receipted and signed by at-least 1 Trustees and 2 members of the public.

Please Note:

During a wedding booking the School will only provide tea and Karah Parshad. You will be expected to provide all other refreshments and food. Tables and chairs are only provided during weddings for tea/Langar.

All spiritual ceremonies organised at Khalsa Primary School are free of charge, donations are welcome.

Charges have been put in to place to cover any costs/expenses incurred by the school in providing facilities for ceremonies, please find attached charges form. A £50 deposit is payable in order to confirm your

booking. Kirtan and Golak proceedings go towards paying off the Schools loan. Please donate generously.

For any further information or bookings please contact: - Mr Onkar Singh (Trustee) on 07737 749 556

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