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Punjabi classes are held for children 5 years of age upwards every Sunday on the School premises from 9.45 am - 1.30 pm. Additional sports activities are held from 1.30pm for all students.
Students start the day by participating in a full school assembly for 30 minutes after which they return to their classes to study Punjabi.  Each class has a 15 minute break during the morning, and take 20 minutes in the afternoon to eat langar. 
Many students continue to remain on the premises at 1.30pm to participate in organised sports or music activities straight after Punjabi class.  In addition there is a GCSE class in 'Sikhism' on Thursday from 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm.
To discuss enrollment into Punjabi School please register your child in person on a Sunday when the Operations Team will be able to assist you.
Classes are taught using professional teachers and in a professional manner. Children and staff are regularly assessed, and homework is issued weekly. We do our best to help ensure that the curriculum is creative and fun for the children.

Our objectives in opening the Punjabi School on Sundays are as follows:

  • To provide the general community with a Sunday Sikh School that offers Punjabi and Sikh Studies to both children and adults within a spiritual environment
  • To offer those children who do not attend the Khalsa Primary School with a professional Sikh curriculum.
  • To provide each adult and child that attends the school the opportunity to achieve a GCSE and Advanced Level Punjabi qualifications
  • To provide guidance on ethics and morals of Sikhs
  • To help understand Gurbani.

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