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At Khalsa Primary School we have used our annual Sports Funding of £10,100 (based on £8000 plus £5/per pupil) to join the Slough School Sports Network (which gives us access to competitions and tournaments throughout the year).


Children gifted at various sports have had the opportunity to attend a variety of sporting festivals and tournaments.  This has been invaluable in terms of their experience of sport as well as in building confidence when competing against other schools, which has shown in their performance at these tournaments as the years have progressed. There have also been many opportunities for less sporty children to participate in tournaments and enjoy the competitive side to PE.


We finished in the top 5 for the first time in a number of tournaments in 2015/16:

Top 5 in the following tournaments (each tournament had an average of around 15 schools competing)

Hockey,                Tag Rugby,         Netball,                 Orienteering,                      Girls Football  

We have invested in quality equipment for the playground including two outdoor table tennis tables, a pair of metal 5 a side football goals and three mini tennis nets.


The equipment brought for the playground is used every lunchtime and break time.  The school playground is heavily dominated by organised sport every day during lunch times and this new equipment has helped to build on this sporting atmosphere.  The outdoor equipment has also benefitted daily PE lessons and after school clubs.   We have also been able to host many football matches at our school as well as hold separate boys and girls football training sessions on the field during lunch times which has resulted in many more girls playing organised sports during their lunch times (from 10 girls in 2014/15 to 30 girls in 2015/16)

We have invested in extra-curricular sports activities via offering various after school clubs including Multi – skills, Handball, Hockey, Football, Athletics, Cricket and many more.


The number of children taking part in after school sports clubs has greatly improved due to this increase in provision.  Pre 2013 (before funding was utilised) only 40 places were taken by children for after school sports clubs compared to the last three years where on average over 120 places were taken up by children for after school sports clubs.  We currently have over 200 children taking part in after school sports every week.

We plan to have every child in Years 1 – 6 take part in at least 2 sports clubs a week from January 2017.

Please click here to download a powerpoint presentation for the Sports Premium Funding between 2013-16

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