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Background information: Click here to download letter sent to Parents on 19 May 2017 (PDF).

To donate online: Please visit

To donate with cash or cheque: Please make payable to ‘The Slough Sikh School Trust’ at the school office. You will be given a receipt and be asked to sign the gift aid declaration on the receipt if you are a taxpayer. This will enable us to reclaim gift aid which will enhance your donation by a further 25%.

As all of you will be aware, the school becomes very congested at dropping off and home times. For the safety of all our children and their families we feel it is essential we complete the necessary works to ensure we have the optimum conditions to keep all our children safe. The children will also benefit from extended playground facilities giving them more space to play and learn during the day. 

There is no obligation for parents to pay towards these improvements. However, given the importance of the project and the timescale I am sure most of you will appreciate how important all your contributions, however large or small, will be. As soon as we can, we will communicate more accurate timelines of this project. This is currently being worked on with the local council.

During the week commencing 10 July, we had to temporarily close the car park between Tuesday and Friday. This closure was necessary in order to provide us the opportunity to gather valuable insight into the effects of a permanent closure. The insight has revealed key pinch points and traffic challenges in surrounding areas, however more importantly it has allowed us to gather information to think about possible drop off/pick up procedures should they be required.

We appreciate this may have been a challenging few days for some of you, but we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A few of you also came to see us and we hope that we have been able to address any concerns you had. If you still have any further questions, we would urge you to attend the final coffee morning we have organised before the end of term on Tuesday 18th July at 8.45am. You are also always more than welcome to contact us.

FAQ’s about the project:

Q: What happens if we don’t resurface the road and play area?
A: We will no longer be able to legally use the side road. The access road will have to be closed for vehicle use, and we would need to return it to a grassed area. This would mean parents need to park outside the school gates when doing school drop offs and pickups.

Q: If the road and playground is not built, what happens to all the money?
A: All the money we raise will be given back to the donors. This is why all donors are given a receipt, a copy of which the school also keeps.

Q: Is the donation from parents compulsory?
A: No, the donation is a voluntary one and no parents are forced to pay. As parents, we felt it an obligation to make you aware of what impact it will have on you, if we are not able to complete this.

Q: Why doesn’t the school use the money it receives from the government?
A: In view of cuts to public and school funding over the recent years, the Governing Body have made a decision to use the money received from the government solely for the education of the children of this school in order to maintain the high standards that we have achieved.

Q: Is the school taking out a loan to meet the shortfall?
A: No, the governing body do not want to add extra pressure to school budgets in view of recent and future potential cuts to public spending.

More details:
If you have a specific question or would like to discuss this project please contact Jujar Singh, Chair of Governors: