The PTA are currently fundraising to help buy 1,000 new books for the school library.

Please be sure to join us at the Winter Fete on Tuesday 19 December at 12:30 pm. A range of Food & Drink will be served, games & activities for children, raffle draw, face painting and much more.

We are currently in need of donations for the winter fete.  Please share this list with fellow parents and pass the message on. These donations are as follows:
– New toys/games
– Plastic disposables
– plates, drinks cups and tea cups, bowls, cutlery, napkins
– Winter themed decorations
– Teabags
– Soft toys in good condition
 Please send donations to the school office by the 8th of December.   

Cake donations:
We will also be in need of egg-less cakes, cupcakes, brownies and flapjacks to sell at the cake stall. These can be home-made or brought from the shops.
Please send these baked goods to the school office by the 18th of December. 
If you are unable to make the meetings, not to worry – we greatly appreciate any help from volunteers on the day.  Thank you and we appreciate your support in making this Winter Fete a success! 🙂