On 8th November 2018 Khalsa Primary School adopted a baby Rhino, Mpilo, to the Khalsa Family!

Species: White Rhino (Ceratotherium simum)
Born: June 2017
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Location: Secret location, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Ncengimpilo, or Mpilo for short was rescued in April 2018 after his mum was poached.  Mpilo was found still standing next to his dead mum’s body and was in desperate need for food and water.

The vet and rescue team got to work and after carrying out initial health checks, Mpilo was taken to specialist facilities at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage.

Understandably disorientated, Mpilo was regularly heard calling for his Mum.  But thanks to dedicated carers at the orphanage he soon settled down and began to take on the much needed food and drink he needed.

Ncengimpilo means ‘the one who fights for life’ in Zulu and his name was chosen by the communities surrounding the orphanage.