Super Citizens Awards

Super Citizen Awards

Super Citizens are chosen by their peers/class fellows based on their positive actions. Although academic achievement is important, at Khalsa, we believe that this comes hand-in-hand with Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teachings of humanity and living the five values of Truth, Contentment, Humility, Compassion and Love.

March 2019 Super Citizens

For the month of March 2019, we had the pleasure of Mr Jatinder Singh joining us as our chief guest.  We would like to thank Mr Singh for the many years of service and dedication to KPS.  His contribution has been vital to our success.  2007 to 2018.

February 2019 Super Citizens

For the month of February 2019, we had the pleasure of Thames Valley Police joining us as our chief guests; Mr Humza Mughal & Mr Thomas Heppell.

January 2019 Super Citizen Awards

Our Year 6 children recently took part in Round 1 of the National Award Young Mathematician competition which is part of Slough Explore Learning.    For the month of January 2019, Yvonne Betts was selected as our Chief Guest.  Yvonne is a team member of Slough Explore Learning.  She creates a vibrant, positive working environment where children can thrive at the centre.