Arts – Spring Term

Year 1 – We are beginning a new topic in Art – Portraits. The artist we are looking at is an American called Chuck Close. He paints large portraits using a variety of colours and patterns so that from afar they look very realistic, but close-up there are more abstract.  

The children have begun to learn about the colour wheel, primary colours and secondary colours. They did a great job mixing paint to create secondary colours! 

Year 2 – In art this week we have created a wonderful Art gallery so that Year 2 can showcase their work.

The children have started to use their sketching skills including shading techniques which involve hatching, cross hatching, scribbling and stippling. The objective of this lesson was to sketch what you can see.

Year 3 – This week in Art children have looked at the definition of pop culture and mass media. They then had a discussion of what that means to them today. In groups, children brainstormed all the things that they see and hear about the most in current times. Following on from this they then used a variety of different sketching pencils to create darker/lighter lines.

Year 5 – In Art, Year 5 have been developing a wide range of techniques in using colour, pattern and line. They have been inspired by the artist named Victoria Villasana, who uses black and white photography as a basis for her art work. 

‘I find Art very relaxing and love the way you get to express yourself through creativity,’ said Sehajleen.  

Year 6 – Year six children designed their own biscuits in Food Technology.  They began by analysing and evaluating the current market with biscuit tasting.  Next, they conducted their own market research to inform us on what type of biscuit we should make.   

Year 6 – Falcons used drama to empathise with Mr Gao using conscience alley. We read the story of Zhu Bajje and had a good discussion about whether Mr Gao should allow Monkey and the monk to stay on his farm.