Music – Spring Term

Music – Spring Term

Year 1 – As part of our ever-developing curriculum, the children now have a designated Music teacher – Mrs Stoker. We are focusing on keeping time with a steady beat. The lessons are so much fun and the children are progressing really well. We have been singing songs related to our Frogs and Fairies topic, including one about Jack and the Beanstalk.

‘I love music!’ said Harjot

You can hear it here: 

Year 3 – The children have been writing and performing rhythmic pieces based on advertising. They have listened to advertisement jingles and discussed the criteria needed for it. 

In addition, Year 3 have a drumming lesson every Monday.

“I really enjoy playing the drum because I’m learning new rhythms.”

“We have been practicing drumming every week  I have so much fun and we work as a team.”

This week, 3 Heron were preparing for their performance piece using the three authentic African patterns.

Year 4 – Children have been listening to battle themes and discussing dynamics, tempo and use of instruments. They have written and played rhythmic battle chants.

Year 5 – Year Five have been developing an understanding of rhythm, pulse and dynamics.  

‘I really look forward to music lessons and now know how to keep a steady beat,’ said Sachleen.

Year 6

In Year 6 the children have been learning to read formal notation and follow them to create a six part rhythmic piece.