PTA Bake On

KPS PTA are excited to announce our first ever baking contest… the KPS PTA Bake On!  Baking has many benefits for children and their development from a very early age. It encourages reading, comprehension and promotes the use of basic Maths skills and Maths language including capacity/conversion of measure. Baking also encourages children to try new things and help them explore with their senses. Most importantly… it is the perfect opportunity for you to spend valuable time with your child, boost their confidence and get creative!

The Bake-Off Theme will be a Book/Movie based on a Book.

“This is my entry – its from Spider man movie .

The cake is make with butter, oat milk, sugar and red coloring to go with theme 
Then we make icing blue
The special thing of this cake is the black webs that we created with hardened sugar syrup and black edible coloring.

I made a web at the back of the utensil until it hardened. then I took it off and put it on the cake. I cut it to show hoe it looked and ate it.

It was delicious! I wish I could have shared it with my friends and teachers.

Fatehveer, Year 3″

Slough Express Article
Images of entries

Tea Party

The PTA hosted a small thank you party to the children that participated in the Bake-On. We wanted to recognise the effort children and their families made for this event. A special thank you to Davinder Gill at Flourbowl Cakes for donating such a lovely cake to the school.