There was huge excitement across the school as Democracy Week 2019 kicked off with a bang! Across the school, children learnt about the British Value of Democracy and how it impacts our lives.

The children took time to discuss each other and understand different views. At Khalsa, we actively encourage our young people to have their voice heard.

Mr Vig was keen to ensure the children experience the real democratic experience by holding the first ever school – wide ballot of choosing the Head Boy and Head Girl for 2019.

The day of the final announcement was tense; it was nerve racking, but finally the announcement was made! The Head Boy and Girl is: Amrit & Amritpal. The Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl is Yuvraj & Amrit.

We were also very grateful to Councillor Shabnum Sadiq for visiting our school this week.

“I am immensely proud to see the progression of Slough children and I can assure you that I will continue to support the school in ensuring that our children are safe, healthy and have the opportunities that they rightly deserve.”