We  have an active Pupil Parliament at KPS, a democratically, peer elected group of pupils representing each of our classes. The purpose of the Pupil Parliament is to provide a voice for all of our pupils, enabling all to have an active role in matters that affect their lives both in school and the wider community.

Suggestion boxes are located in each classroom where all members of a class family can post thoughts, ideas or questions to be brought to Pupil Parliament meetings. ​Children are encouraged to write down any suggestions that they think will improve school, or share concerns that they have which they feel Pupil Parliament can help to resolve.

Pupil Parliament meetings will be held on a fortnightly basis, with Mrs Nanda and other members of SLT.

Our pupil parliament is further organized in two working parties- Academic and Well-being. As part of our vision statement, we aim to develop a well rounded member of the future wider society. Pupil parliament members have been awarded pupil councilor badges to wear it with pride for making a positive contribution to our school community.

Pupil Parliament