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Re: Back to School – September 2020

I am writing to inform you of the plans for September to ensure that there is a smooth return to school for all children, families and staff. We know that normal routines may have been lost and children are worried about what school will be like on their return. We also know that some children cannot wait to get back to school! We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back in the safest possible way, taking into account the many different experiences families have had during the pandemic. Wellbeing is our upmost priority and we will do all we can to ensure children settle back into school life successfully and feel confident with the changes. Our first two weeks of school will be focused around wellbeing and routines.

I am aware that in this letter there is a lot of information for you to take on board, but please ensure that you read all of the information provided as it will help us make the transition back to school successful.

Following the Government guidelines, we will be welcoming back all children in September 2020 and have had to take many aspects into account. Here are some key highlights of things that will be different.

  • The one way system will continue to remain in place to help the flow of pedestrian traffic.
  • If you have more than one child, please drop off the younger child first as you will need to follow the one-way system. Can I please remind parents that they cannot exit from the KS1 gate and to follow the one-way system via KS2.
  • To eliminate risk, we ask that only one parent/guardian comes to drop off your child.
  • Children will need to wear school uniform. Our uniform supplier is Aqua Uniforms, Langley. Please ensure your child brings their own patka to school.
  • On Wednesday 2nd September and Thursday 3rd September 2020 all children will return to school in their old classrooms. From Friday 4th September 2020, children will go to their new classrooms with their new teacher.
  • Classes will resume back to normal size. Each year group will be a ‘bubble’.
  • Children will be able to mix within their classes and bubble, children will still be encouraged to social distance wherever possible in order to reduce the risk to the community. Children will not be able to mix across bubbles.
  • All children will need to bring in their own pencil case clearly labelled with their name.
  • The lunch hall will be open for hot food. Children will only be able to sit on one side of the table.  There will be a designated area for packed lunches.  Lunches will be staggered.
  • The school office and Gurdwara will remain closed to Parents and Visitors. Please contact the school via telephone 01753 823501, or by email for any enquiries.
  • Adults will continue to keep a social distance from children wherever possible.
  • Water fountains will be out of use to avoid any cross contamination. Please ensure your child brings a plastic water bottle into school.  Do not send your child to school with a steel bottle.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed in each classroom and around the school.
  • Children will attend the Gurdwara in their “bubble”.
  • PE will take place. Your class teacher will inform you when this will be.
  • There will be no breakfast clubs or after school clubs/teamsters until further notice.
  • Following the Public Health England (PHE), children’s temperatures no longer need to be checked upon entry to the class. We may carry out spot checks periodically.

From Wednesday 2nd September 2020 all children will be in school every day, being dropped off and collected at their allocated time (except the new Nursery and Reception children years who have been given specific dates). The School policy is to fine parents who do not sent their child/children to school.  Please see the link below for Slough Borough Council attendance information for parents/carers.

Class Drop off Pick up One way System

AM Sessions – 8:20am

PM Sessions – 12:05pm

AM Sessions – 11:30am

PM Sessions – 3:00pm

Nursery gate
Reception, Year 1 & 2 8:20am 3:00pm KS1 gate – exit via KS2
Year 3 8:20am 3:15pm KS1 gate – exit via KS2
Year 4, 5 & 6 8:20am 3:15pm KS2 gate – exit via KS2
We will have a number of staff on duty around the school grounds

It will be important that you are punctual dropping off and collecting your child/ren.  Being punctual also enables the children to start their day on time, maximising their learning.

At the start of September we will send the relevant information again to remind everyone of the key points and any additional points. Thank you once again for all your continued support this year and throughout the pandemic. We are looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Warm regards,

Mr Raminder Singh Vig