Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

1 – 7 February 2021

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 took place from 1st–7th February. The theme this year was to Express Yourself- some activities that children undertook for home learning were to do different acts of kindness- one for themselves and one for others. The theme helped to encourage pupils to recognise and express their feelings and reminded them to be kind to others as well.

We also discussed that when we express ourselves, we don’t have to be a great artist or be wonderful at doing things. It’s not about being the very best at something or putting on a performance. It’s about encouraging each other to find lots of different ways to get creative and express ourselves.

We also celebrated ‘Inside Out Day’ which took place on Wednesday 3rd February. The focus of the day was kindness and a reminder that you never know how someone is feeling on the inside. Children and adults wore an item of clothing inside out to share their participation of the theme.

Mrs Mahil, Vice Principal of Khalsa Primary School has produced a video on mental health.
Please do take time to watch this.  Thank you Mrs Mahil and thank you to Mrs Lalli for the fabulous editing of the video.