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Our curriculum is designed to bring alive our vision statement which is:

At Khalsa Primary School we are helping our children grow in mind, body and spirit.   We aim for excellence in academic, emotional and spiritual areas of understanding.  Our children learn how to work with passion, ethics, honesty and self-discipline.   They share their skills in service to the community, with love and without discrimination.  They learn gratitude and self-discovery through learning how to connect with God.  The whole school community aspires to work together as a genuine team, basing our daily practice in the five Sikh values of love, compassion, contentment, humility and truth.

Due to the changes made by the DFE, curriculum overviews for the Spring and Summer term will be uploaded in due course.

We use curriculum frameworks which are hands-on interactive and child-led.

Our Curriculum Vision Statement

At Khalsa Primary we aim to offer a rich and engaging school experience in which children are willing partners in their own learning. Our curriculum is diverse, thought-provoking, creative, inspirational and soaked in memorable moments.

Our curriculum offers first hand experiences and investigative learning, whilst insisting on routine and rigour. We ensure that children are given opportunities to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world (particularly our local environment).  Children are challenged in all areas of the curriculum.

This project based curriculum promotes enjoyment and fascination in learning about ourselves and the world around us. Our curriculum ensures that the statutory requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum are met through a range of experiences, skill development and knowledge acquisition in engaging and relevant contexts.

Khalsa Primary School Curriculum Team

We have carefully identified the key learning skills for each subject in each year group to ensure that learning builds systematically. Learning is then planned to ensure key skills are developed through imaginative, structured experiences. We know that a wide range of linked learning will create opportunities for our children to demonstrate and celebrate their strengths, as well as challenge all our children across the curriculum.

Curriculum Overviews

Please click on Curriculum Overviews for further information on what the children will be learning during the Autumn term.

Curriculum Skills

A summary of curriculum taught in each year group can be seen on the relevant year’s Curriculum map. All year groups build on the skills and knowledge which we have categorised into four strands as listed below.

Collaborators Creativity The World and Me Critical Thinking
As collaborators we will have group discussions; take turns and make relevant contributions, give opinions and listen to di­fferent views. As creators, we will think creatively in our learning and begin to learn new techniques for how to make and present our work. As super citizens, we will consider the impact we have on our Earth and what we can do to make it a better place to live. As learners, we will use our higher order thinking skills such as comparing, contrasting and evaluation.

These essential skills will permeate through teaching and learning of all subjects.

Collaboration Teamwork and Responsibility- being able to learn with and from others, as well as on your own.

Creativity Enjoyment and exciting learning experiences: being able to use a range of learning strategies and knowing what to do when you get stuck.

The World and Me Resilience, Perseverance and Aspiration- not giving up and trying to be the best that we can.

Critical Thinking Reflection, Curious, Confidence – being able to think about yourself as a learner and how you might improve or change things for the better.

Teachers are encouraged to maximise opportunities to make the most of our extensive grounds for outdoor learning to enhance the all areas of the curriculum.

Learners at the Khalsa Primary School are encouraged to be diligent and hard working. We emphasise the importance of presentation and encourage their organisational skills in preparation for the next year. There is ample opportunity for their efforts and achievements to be recognised and celebrated.

Literacy and Numeracy National Curricular
Download the Grammar Appendix

We teach systematic, synthetic phonics using the Ruth Miskin ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme
We use Oxford Reading Tree and Collins Big Cat Reading Schemes
We also use the Oxford Syllabus for RE and our own Sikh Studies Syllabus