Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Gurpurab

From the start of this Autumn term, teachers and pupils have been busy doing lessons in the National Curriculum but based around the theme ‘Guru Nanak Dev Ji’. They have been learning about stories of Guru Nanak Dev Ji for English, places Guru Ji visited for Geography and also what was happening in the UK during Guru Ji’s lifetime for History. The outcome of the lessons have been displayed for all to see.

This was to build up to the grand celebration of the 550th Gurpurab which the school celebrated on Friday 8th November. Pupils from across the school took part in the Special Gurdwara Assembly by singing several Shabads that children have learnt by heart thanks to the teachings by Mrs. Indermohan Kaur (Shabad teacher). Children in Year 6 explained the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with stories and examples of how to following the 3 core principles of Sikhi. This was told in both English and Punjabi for all the audience of pupils and parents to understand, thanks to Mr. Mandeep Singh (Sikh Studies teacher) and Mrs. Prabhjot Matharu (Punjabi teacher).

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Also during the day the Year 6 took part in the Nishan Sahib Seva by cleaning and drying the pole. Rest of the school watched as the new Nishan Sahib was changed and raised back up. Parents and staff also took part in helping with the Seva.

After we had a Special Gurpurab Langar in the style of Sri Harmandir Sahib where children were sat on the floor and the food and drinks were brought to them by the many staff and parent volunteers who helped give out and make the Langar. Children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the Langar as well as the special guests that were in school that day too. They were humbled by the hospitality shown in the school and the wonderful atmosphere created to celebrate the 550th Gurpurab.

We had the Mayor of Slough and CBBC Newsround come as special guests to watch the celebrations in the school. Pupils were interviewed by Newsround regarding the meaning behind the celebrations and who Guru Nanak Dev Ji is. Coverage will be shown soon on their channel.

BBC Newsround

In addition children were all dressed in traditional cultural clothes in the Khalsa colours of blue, orange, yellow and white.