2022 – 2023

Head Boy and Head Girl

Kaiyan Singh
Head Boy

Navraj Singh
Deputy Head Boy

Head Boy and Head Girl Job Description

Main Task: Responsible for promoting our school at every opportunity 

The Head Boy and Head Girl are the role models of our school and lead our prefect team in their duties. They are responsible for supporting the leadership of the school. We believe that our Year 6 children have important roles to play in the daily life of Khalsa Primary School and are expected to take their roles seriously. This is a good opportunity for a child to lead by example and it is a prestigious role in our school.

Main Role: 

  • Represent the school at certain events 
  • Make speeches promoting the school 
  • Show visitors around the school 
  • Meet with Pupil Parliament regularly. 

Qualities/Skills Required 

  • Understands what the Five values are and is able to demonstrate them daily without thinking
  • Ability to communicate to large groups confidently 
  • Ability to recognise and respond to others’ achievements. 

Head Girl

Avneet Kaur
Deputy Head Girl