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During school closures, children will spend more time online and on devices, please visit this resource to learn how you can help them stay safe.

Safeguarding Guidance

This year our teachers have produced a “summer booklet”.  The booklet contains lots of information and activities that you can do to get yourself ready for September 2020.  Have a go and hope you enjoy going through the booklets.

Home Learning Programme

During this period of home learning our focus remains, as it always does, on supporting our students and parents. We are acutely aware of the impact that the current period of uncertainty has had on our families and we understand the economic challenges that many in our wider community are facing.

How does it work?

Each year group has an interactive timetable most of which may require you to click on a hyper-link that directs you to an external website or a document.

In the afternoon, children can choose which learning task to complete from the ‘topic menu’ again, you can access this by clicking on ‘choose an activity from the topic menu.’ These learning tasks cover the wider curriculum – including art, history, geography, Panjabi and Sikh Studies – and one should be chosen each day over a two-week period.  Some Art activities can be carried over to the next week.

We have provided four tasks a week for the afternoons as we understand that you may have other activities at home that you would like your child to do.

Idiom of the week and a word of the day/week

You will have an idiom of the week and a word of the day/week, just like we usually do in school. They are displayed on the timetable and there is time scheduled for your child to research the meanings.

Note: Our timetable is a guideline only and we understand that you and your child may not be able to complete the work given in the set times – that is okay.  We know these are uncertain times, but it will be good to provide the children with some kind of structure.

Submitting work

Written work and topic work should be sent to the class teacher who will aim to respond within 48hours.  This can be done in a number of ways:

  • If work is handwritten, a photograph can be taken and sent to the class teacher on Class Dojo or by email to Insert email address
  • If work is completed digitally (eg a Powerpoint, word document, video etc) then this can be sent as a file to the class teacher by email.

We are all in this together

The home learning timetable is a guide. Please do what you can and use it as a timetable to structure your day. Do not worry if you don’t get everything done and don’t worry if you feel your child is falling behind. Everyone is in this together and we’ll get through these challenging times. The happiness and wellbeing of our children is our top priority.