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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 1

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Richardson warmly welcome you to Year 1.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 1, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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November 2019


In D&T, we will be designing and making our own packed lunch. We are learning about the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, where Mrs Grinling makes Mr Grinling a whole variety of lunches for the week. We have looked at existing ideas for packed lunches and discussed the Eatwell Plate. We are going to design our own healthy packed lunches, that include food from the different groups. In Science we are learning about the human body, so we are also learning how to give ourselves food to help our bodies grow and stay healthy.


In Computing, we have been introduced to the coding unit. We are beginning to understand that when a computer does something, it is following a set of instructions called code. We have learnt how to give clear instructions to make objects on the screen move. This included creating a simple program to make fish move in different directions on the screen. In ‘Fairy Stories’, we had an opportunity to write a code to make three characters – a knight, a witch and a wolf – to move around the screen. We have explored how changing the code allows us to create different outcomes.


In English, we have been learning about the story ‘Light House Keepers Lunch.’ To remember the story, we have had lots of story time sessions and had opportunities to role play the story so that we could become more familiar with the characters. Our end piece of writing this term will be a recount, so we have had to learn how to change words into their past tense form by adding the suffix –ed. We have also been writing simple sentences using ‘I’ from the perspective of Mr or Mrs Grinling. This will help us to be more successful when we write our recount.


In History this term, we have been learning about significant events from the past. We learnt about the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes’ role in their plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament. To remember the story and the characters involved, we acted out the Gunpowder Plot.

This month we have also observed Remembrance Day and took part in the two minutes’ silence. We thought about all the soldiers who had fought in all the wars and how brave they must have been. We used charcoal and oil pastels to create atmospheric poppy drawings.


In Maths, we have been learning how to recognise and classify 2D and 3D shapes. We learnt the properties of rectangles (including squares), circles and triangles. We also learnt the properties of cuboids (including cubes), pyramids and spheres. We like to play the ‘Guess the Shape’ game, where we say the properties of a shape and then others have to say what it is. We then moved on to creating repeated patterns. We had to look carefully at the colours and positions of the different shapes to make sure that we continued the pattern correctly.


In Music, we have been continuing to link our music learning to inter-related music techniques, in particular dynamics and tempo. We have learnt to sing the song ’Fireworks’ in relation to the Gunpowder Plot and Diwali, which focuses on pitch control with our voice, and the variation of dynamics of the different fireworks. In addition, we have used percussion instruments, selecting different instruments to represent different fireworks. We also practiced the song ‘Remember’ which taught us about the importance of Remembrance Day. We have now just begun to learn songs related to Christmas.


In PE, we have been learning about teamwork and problem solving.  We have been trying to complete challenges that require us to work together to achieve an objective. For example, River Cross. In River Cross the class had to work in groups to try and cross the imaginary river using only the equipment provided. We worked in groups of five and had to figure out how to get from one side of the playground to the other using only two large hoops. We were encouraged to share our ideas and also to listen to others to be the most successful.


In PSHE, we have been focusing on how to show kindness. We have been celebrating Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need. We learnt about what bullying is, how to deal with bullies and the negative effects bullying has on people. We each created a special poster to show people how to be kind and how to resist bullying. To celebrate our uniqueness, we came in odd socks for Odd Socks Day, and we also dressed up and raised money for Children in Need where we wore yellow and spotty clothes.


In RE, we have started to learn about Christianity. We started by learning all about the creation story. We watched a video about how Christians believe the world was made and learnt the order of how God made the world in seven days. We then sequenced the story by drawing and writing what happened for each of the seven days. It was interesting to learn a story about how the world was created because we all have different ideas and beliefs about how the world was made and what was created first.


In Science, we have started learning about our bodies. We have learnt the names of the main body parts been drawing and labelling our body pictures. We have been singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ to help us to remember the names of some of our body parts. As part of our Zero to Hero topic, we have a hospital role play area, where we can act as nurses, doctors, admin staff and patients. The hospital role play has helped us to learn more about the parts of our bodies and how to look after them. We will now start to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy by eating balanced meals.

Sikh Studies

The main focus of this term has been on Guru Nanak Dev Ji since we celebrated the 550th Prakash Dehara of Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. We learnt about Guru Ji’s family using interactive resources such as pictures and whiteboards. Then we recorded our work in our books by using pictures and words. Children learnt the story of sacred thread and to remember the story we did the role play and hot seating. We celebrated guru Nanak Dev ji’s Prakash dihara by doing an assembly. In the assembly children were talking about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life and we sang shabads. Children took part in Nishan Sahib di sewa and Langer which was served that day for whole school.