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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 2

Miss Sandhu and Mrs Morgan warmly welcome you to Year 2.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 2, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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December 2019


Pupils have continued with the coding unit this month. They have learnt to add code to make objects appear and disappear.

In ‘Magic Castle, ’pupils used a code to start up a series of events by clicking on an object. The objects included a wizard, a prince, a princess, a king and a queen. Pupils were able to use the paint facility of the program to design their own magical castle and add an appropriate background.

They were also encouraged to run the program, check and ‘debug’ the code if they found an error.


Our DT topic for this half is Textiles. The children designed their own pirate bandanas following a given brief. They used their measuring skills learned in Maths to measure the lengths of their bandanas. The children learned to make simple stitches such as the running stitch. After stitching, they finished off by adding pirate symbols such skulls, cross bones and patterns such as stripes and dots using decor textiles permanent pens. They felt really proud of their work!


In English this month the focus has been to write a sequel to The Night Pirates story. They have learned how to use exclamation marks and 2a sentences to add detail a swell as excitement to their own stories. The children are also learning to draft their writing which means we are writing one paragraph at a time to then edit and re-write it. This is a bit of a challenge but the children are beginning to understand the process of improving their own work while writing it. They have started to read their work aloud to each other and in this way try and spot any errors made such as missing punctuation or words.


We have continued learning about Pirates this month and in particular read a report on Pirates. The children learned why they behaved in the way they did aswell as answering some comprehension questions about the text. They have learned about some famous pirates including Captain Blackbeard and Sir Henry Morgan. The children found it very intriguing that some women would dress up as men in order to become a pirate. As women in those times were not allowed to be pirates and mostly stayed at home. They are reading fiction books which involved singing a shanty! The children enjoyed this very much.


This month we started looking at measuring lengths. The children were introduced to using standard units when measuring. We started off by comparing lengths that are less than a metre, about a metre and more than a metre using the symbols for greater than, less than and equals. Then we moved onto ordering these. Next, we measured lengths using a ruler. Children quite enjoyed moving about choosing their own objects as they worked in pairs. We linked or DT topic Textiles to our Measuring topic. This helped the  children to apply  their measuring skills as they made their pirate bandanas.


As with the continuing music curriculum, the children have been continuing to link their music learning to inter-related music techniques, in particular dynamics and tempo and pitch

We have been focussing on vocal technique, including posture, breathing and phrasing.

In addition, they have been learning lyrics to traditional carols and linking them to the Christmas story. To enhance their musical learning, they have also been adding appropriate instrumentation to their pieces.


In Year 2 we have been learning 3 sets of Panjabi letters and their corresponding sounds. Children have been using these letters and their sounds to make Mukta and Kanna words. In this term we have also been learning the names of the body parts in Panjabi. To make our learning more interesting children have been using actions and flash cards to remember the names of their body parts in Panjabi. After this we worked in pairs to write the sound of the body part on white boards and some children were using the pictures of the body parts and matching them with their names.


Slough Borough Council has launched an ambitious new activity programme at Khalsa Primary School.

We are working with Active Movement – an organisation set up to focus on simple changes in behaviour that empower people to sit less and move more.

The Active Movement programme is designed to evolve with the children’s own mobility, communication, education and maturity. The programme aims to educate and inspire children to reduce their sedentary behaviour and increase low-level activity as part of the home and school life.

Our children filled out a questionnaire last year to assess their levels of activity.  This year the questionnaire was filled out again and the results will now be evaluated so we can receive catered guidance on how to improve.


In PSHE the children have been thinking about goals and dreams. We have played a game called “Pass the treasure chest.” The goal was to pass it all around the circle without making a sound as it is filled with beads, marbles and coins. The task was to suggest ideas that would make this possible and whether they could work together to achieve it. They realised it couldn’t happen and this is how they learned that it was an unrealistic goal. We talked about success and looked at some pictures to describe it further the children had some fun talking a goalkeeper that let a goal in but maybe successful because s/he is in the England team!


The children have been learning all about The Christmas Story this month. They have understood the importance of the birth of Jesus and what it means to Christians during this time of year. It is not just the Christmas tree and presents but the religious and symbolic meaning too. They have explained that Jesus was born to help people on Earth in their time of need. Through the singing of hymns in the Christmas concert they are beginning to understand how it impacted the people around the world. In particular when the three wise men came from afar to offer gifts to the son of God.


We continued with Living things and their habitats as our Science topic. We took a closer look at one micro habitat by making our own wormery. We made it using the information we had gathered about the living conditions of worms. “They like dark, damp and wet places.” One of the children commented.” “I know this because when we put the worms at the top of the wormery, they wiggled inside the mud.” This was exciting for the children because they could closely observe the worms in their habitat. They were able to describe how the worms behaved in those conditions.

Sikh Studies

To mark the month of Shaheedi (Martyrdom) we have been looking at the story of the Chaar Sahibzaade (4 sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji). Children were told detailed stories during the Gurdwara Assembly and in class about the Chaar Sahibzaade. Then the children were asked to write a letter to a non-Sikh named John who saw a picture of the Chaar Sahibzaade and has asked the class to write to him and explain who the 4 boys in the picture are. Children wrote as much information they could in the letter to explain who the Chaar Sahibzaade are to a non-Sikh person.