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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 2

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Morgan warmly welcome you to Year 2.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 2, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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November 2020

In Year 2 we have been using our number bond facts to derive answers to addition and subtraction word problems. The children have then used the full equation and shown it in a bar model to show a deeper understanding of the values of each number. In English we have been learning all about Neil Armstrong and his famous moon landing. The children then had the chance to re-enact their very own landing using the spacecraft and spacesuit in the role play area. For a deeper understanding into the life of an astronaut, they asked key questions, for e.g. What did the moon look like? and Why did you become an astronaut? Aswell as all this, while learning from home the children created their very own jars of courage to help them stay positive and motivated during these uncertain times.

Sikh Studies

This month we have been learning about Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi and how it helped the poor people during the national lockdown in India. It was thanks to Bangla Sahib that so many of the hungry got fed who were unable to work or get food in India’s lockdown.

Children looked at news reports of what Bangla Sahib did during lockdown and then did a role play of how Bangla Sahib helped those poor people of Delhi. Then to understand about compassion and Seva, children wrote down how the different people in their role play were feeling, from those making the Langar to those receiving it.


In PE, we have been focusing on getting our fitness back with lots of exercise!  We have been working hard on improving our stamina by running, speed walking and skipping!

We have been taking part in the daily mile walk as well as participating in shuttle runs which have been designed to increase in difficulty from week to week. Skipping has fast become a very popular hobby at our school and for the last few weeks we have been trying to learn the Double Dutch.