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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 2

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Morgan warmly welcome you to Year 2.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 2, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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October 2020


This term we have been looking at Claude Monet the impressionist. We found out that he painted lots of paintings that are displayed in many galleries around the world. We have learned to use some of his painting techniques which include painting dabs or blobs, creating lighter tones and darker shades. We used watercolours to paint landscapes of our gardens or parks where we spent most of our time during lockdown. It was fun and relaxing painting our final paintings which will be displayed in our KS1 corridor.


In English the children have been learning about describing their emotions and feelings using adjectives from The Worrysaurus story. They have written these using the words ‘and’, ‘but’ & ‘because’ in a connected sentence. The children have also begun to look at features of a letter to identify how to write one to a key worker later in the term. They noticed that there is an address, date, reason for writing a letter and sign off which enabled them to create a letter writing checklist of their very own.


In our Unity for the Community topic the children have been learning about key workers that continued to work during lockdown. They read Charlie the Firefighter story which highlighted a woman working in the industry reminding children that jobs are not gender specific. In turn they answered comprehension questions to reflect a deeper understanding of the text. They have even learned a Firefighter song which got them up and full of beans before each topic lesson begins. We also looked into the future as the children have been asked what they would like to be when they grow up. As you can imagine, there were some great answers including Astronaut and Scientist so watch this space!


In Maths, we looked and addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers. The children used their known facts within 10 to derive addition and subtraction facts of numbers bonds with 20. For example, if I know that 3+6=9 then I know that 13+6=19 and 7-2=5 becomes 17-2=15. Children looked at the number patterns in these equations.

We continued to use our number knowledge of number bonds within 10 to add and subtract tens. For example, if I know that 2+7=9 then I know that 20+70=90 and If I know that 8-3=5 then I know that 80-30=50.


Due to Covid restrictions, we have been unable to sing in large groups or use instruments across bubbles this term.

Despite restrictions, I have been really impressed with the focus and participation of year 2.

So far this term, we have been concentrating on pulse, rhythm and dynamics. The children have learnt to keep a steady pulse beat and use body percussion to follow rhythms in a grid like the one below:

X             XX           X             X             XX           XX           XX           X

Once they became confident following a rhythm as a class, they then wrote their own using an 8 box grid and placing X, XX or leaving a space for a rest in each box.

As well as using body percussion, we also used claves to beat our rhythms together always keeping to a steady pulse beat and changing the volume (dynamics) of their rhythms.


In Year 2 we have been learning the first 2 sets of Panjabi letters, and their corresponding sounds. Children have been using these letters and their words beginning with these letters like (A AK, s syb, h hQ …). Children have also begun to make Mukta words with these letter sounds, furthermore, recognise which words we refer to as Mukta words. In this term we have also been learning the names of the body parts in Panjabi. To make our learning more interesting children have been using actions and flash cards to remember the names of their body parts in Panjabi. We have also focused on the wellbeing of children during the pandemic, we have done this through a light discussion of what activities the children undertook during lockdown, as well as new ways to relax and have fun.


In PE we have been focusing on getting our fitness back with lots of exercise!  Children have been working hard on improving their stamina by running, speed walking and skipping!

Children have been taking part in the daily mile walk as well as participating in shuttle runs which have been designed to increase in difficulty from week to week.

Skipping has fast become a very popular hobby at our school and children will be lucky enough towards the end of this month to meet and skip with the Skipping Sikh!


In PSHE, we have been celebrating difference.  We discussed the different personalities and appearances between boys and girls. The discussions helped the children to understand and accept each other’s differences. They also made the children acknowledge their different choices for example what they like to do during their spare time, clothes they wear and friends they like to spend time with. The story, A girl who played football we read helped the children acknowledge that everyone is free to choose what they like without judgement. We ended up by agreeing that it’s okay to be different and we should continue to celebrate difference.


This term the children are learning about Christianity. We began the subject by asking the question What is kindness? There was a rich discussion about whether it is possible to be kind all the time and if there are things that make it tricky sometimes. This lead onto The Samaritan story which features in the Bible. Children watched a video and became aware that the meaning of Samaritan is to be helpful. They then had the chance to sequence The Good Samaritan story in the form of a mini storyboard.


We have been looking at topic Animals including humans. The children were fascinated by the life cycles of hens, butterflies and of humans. They were able to discuss the different stages of development and even had questions such as why do babies cry? Why are they born without any teeth? We moved on to look at the animals’ basic needs for survival. The children learned the difference between wants and needs. We also looked at being hygienic and why it is so important. The children discussed the products they use both at home and school.

Sikh Studies

In Sikh Studies this term, pupils have been learning about the 8th Guru, Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji and what happened in history during the small pox epidemic in India during the 1600s. Children have been learning facts about Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji and also the story about what the 8th Guru did during the smallpox epidemic in India.

They have then used what they have learnt to write either their own story in 3rd person of Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji during that period in time or a diary entry in 1st person of someone living in that time during the epidemic.