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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 2

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Morgan warmly welcome you to Year 2.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 2, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Morgan

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September 2020

It has been a wonderful start with all the children coming into school. We started off by exploring our class bird names which was fascinating. We used some of the teachings from the Gurbani to help us shape our class characters. We used adjectives to describe the features of our birds in our acrostic poems.

We also wrote our yearly targets where each child says what they would like to improve  or achieve this year.

We have started class walks as one of our activities. The children are encouraged to use their senses as they enjoy nature in our beautiful grounds.

The children are enjoying having lunch in our KS1 playground in the fresh air with their friends.

We have been doing a lot of talking about our school and class room rules to help us with routine. The children have even understood what it means to have a responsibility and drawn pictures of themselves keeping safe by sitting properly on their chairs, looking after their pencil cases, being careful while playing in the playground and many more. Some were super and even related these to the 5 values we have in Sikhi – “being careful is showing compassion to each other”, said one very clever child.