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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 3

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Athwal warmly welcome you to Year 3.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 3, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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January 2021


In Art we have looked at the Native American inspired pop art paintings by Frank Buffalo Hyde.  The children have explored iconic things related to Native Americans and have studied the different types of art by Native Americans.  They have studied the colour wheel and have learned about primary and secondary colours.  The children then had the opportunity to experiment with mixing colours and palettes.  Finally, the children studied Hyde’s paintings to find inspiration to create their own Native American paintings and drawings.


In English this term we have been learning to write persuasive text. Children have been reading and researching about Native American Indian in our topic work and used the information to write about the importance of preserving the Native American Indian culture and land. First, we started by practising Alan Peat sentences ‘if…then’ to write about the cause and effect. To produce an effective piece of writing, the children also learnt to use a range of persuasive sentence openers and support their arguments with facts and evidence.


In Geography, the children have been researching about the United States of America to learn more about the country where the Native Americans mostly resided.  They started off their research by creating a fact file about the Grand Canyon and finding out why it is significant to the Native Americans.  The children then carried on their research by carrying out an Internet based USA scavenger hunt where they had to find different facts about the States.  They have also learned how to label a map and use a compass to read a map.


In Maths, we have been learning to solve problems involving  +, -, x and ÷. The children have been practising their times table and use them to solve various problems. Children also taught to use different strategies to answer a question such as bar model, repeated addition, columnar method and pictorial representation as well as using the correct mathematical language when explaining their working out. This term, the children also have been learning to solve problems involving money. They have started to understand the key rule when adding decimals in money.


I am really proud of how Year 3’s have been responding to online music lessons.

The children have been learning songs with ostinatos (repeated patterns) related to their topic of ‘Native Americans’ The repetitions would have kept them in time whilst paddling their canoes.

They have created ostinatos from the lyrics in the song.

In addition, the children have been learning to read simple notation and playing call and response games to consolidate their learning.


In Year 3 we have been learning 5 sets of the Panjabi alphabet, we have been using our knowledge of the sounds and alphabets to make Mukte words as well as introducing the Kanaa and Siharee symbol. For speaking and listening our main focus has been on directions and how to give directions in Panjabi. To make our learning more interesting children have been using a multitude of resources such as flash cards and the interactive board. To consolidate our learning, we have been singing a song and learning the coordinating hand gestures.


This term, children have taken part in online Zoom PE lessons! 

We have focused on fitness and exercise with workout routines as well as playing fun PE games such as ‘Would You Rather’ and ‘Deal or No Deal – Fitness’. 

Children have learnt new exercises such as ‘Kangaroo Kicks’, ‘Frog Jumps’ and the ‘Cheetah Run’. 

We have also spent a little time meditating towards the end of our lessons to help clear our mind and focus our thoughts. 

It has been important that children do keep fit exercises daily so we have also challenged children to repeat the exercises every day at home to maintain their health and fitness!


In PSHE this term, we have been discovering that life is all about balance.  The children have learned about the elements of a balanced lifestyle and have created prompts and posters to remind them to make better lifestyle choices.  They have learned the value of staying active, making good food choices and being creative with their free time.  We have also discussed the importance of screen-free time and how important it is to disconnect from the electronics to maintain healthy relationships with our families.


In RE this term we have learned about what a miracle is and what miracles mean to Christians.  They have learned that a miracle can be an unlikely event and something that can fill us with wonder.  The children have learned the Bible story of “Jesus Heals a Blind Man” and have used freeze frames to act out different scenes from the story.  After reading about the story and watching videos, the children have been discussing their viewpoint on the story and whether they think it was a miracle or not.


In Science lessons this term, we have been learning about the role of a balanced diet and good nutrition. Children have learnt about different food groups and how these play an important role. At home, children carried out their own investigation about food by looking at nutrition labels. They are also beginning to talk about sugar and fat content and whether it is healthy or unhealthy. Children are also starting to suggest their own choice of healthy, balanced diet and how they can lead a healthy lifestyle especially during lockdown.