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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 3

Mrs Clarke and Mrs Athwal warmly welcome you to Year 3.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 3, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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October 2021


In this term, the children have been learning about a famous artist called Frida Kahlo.  First, the children looked at some of her art work and shared their own interpretation of her work. Children then used his ideas to create their own piece of work to create their own self-portrait. In this topic, the children learnt to shade and blend colours to create details using pencil, chalk and oil pastel. For their final piece of work, the children will be including their own ideas to express their emotions around their self-portrait.

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In English this term, children have been learning to write in the style of travel magazine entry in order to inform their readers about holiday in Mexico. Children looked at the features of a travel magazine entry and the language used to promote, recommend and encourage holiday makers to decide their destination.  The children also learnt different types of Alan Peat’s sentences and a range of conjunctions (but, so, if, because, or) to extend their ideas. Another main focus for our writing this term is to use expanded noun phrases to describe the places and make their writing more descriptive.

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Geography and History

In Geography this term, the children were learning to read various maps to locate places. They used atlases to locate Mexico and its neighbouring countries correctly. During the lesson, the children used eight points of the compass to locate a place accurately. Children are beginning to understand how map reading and compass work are used in real life and why it is important to provide an accurate location. The children also carried out practical activities to locate objects around the school using the correct language.


This term in Maths, the year 3 children have been learning about place value and adding numbers with up to 3 digits. The children started by identifying the hundreds, tens and ones and explain the value of each digit in a number. In this topic, they also learnt to use the correct signs ( <  >  =) to compare numbers. For the addition topic, the children started by using concrete manipulatives to help them understand how to add the numbers, starting from the ones correctly. They have also started to add numbers by crossing the barrier.


I am pleased to say that singing has now resumed in both class music and as a whole school

So far this term, year 3 have been learning how to beat and follow a pulse and rhythms in 4 parts using body percussion, chime bars and drums.

The children have created their own rhythm pieces based on the rhythm of animal names and played several different rhythms together.

In addition, they have also written out their rhythms using the Kodaly method and played them as a staggered start and finish.


We have been learning 3 sets of Panjabi letters and revising our previous knowledge by reading and writing Mukta words. We have also been beginning to construct new Panjabi words. Children are using the Panjabi alphabets sheet to allow them to make connections, furthermore, recognise familiar sounds to enable them to read and write Mukta words. This term, children have also been learning about self-hygiene in Panjabi. For speaking and listening our main focus has been on directions. To make our learning interesting children have been using a variety of interactive resources such as flash cards and pictures. This term children have been learning the story of Bandi shorr and shabads related to this day.

Physical Education

In PE this term the children have been working on their balancing skills. They have been practicing different balances and learning how to hold balances for longer periods of time.

They have then tried to use these balancing skills to play River Cross.  River Cross is a team building activity where children have to work together to solve problems.  Through the game they learn that working together helps to achieve the objective and if they help each other by sharing their ideas and solutions they will get to the end point in the quickest time!


In PSHE this term, our topic has been ‘Being Me in My World’.  We have got to know each other by creating our own jigsaw puzzle piece which we then shared with our class.  We discussed how to value ourselves and make everyone else feel welcomed and valued as well.  Next, we worked in small groups and created mind maps to write down what we thought would be a ‘Nightmare School’ and how this would impact us.  We then discussed what our ‘Dream School’ would be and why we need rules and how they relate to our rights and responsibilities.

Religious Education

In RE this term we have been learning about Diwali and the significance of the celebration for the Hindus. The children learnt about how the Hindus celebrate Diwali and how this is similar or different to their own celebrations. Children learnt about the Rama and Sita story and talked about good against evil. They also discussed about how their own religious story teach them about good and evil. In this topic, the children also share their views about what they like and dislike about Diwali and their own celebrations.


Our topic for Science this term is Healthy Living. We started the topic by learning about human skeleton and the names of the bones. Children learnt about the importance of the skeletal system and how it protects the vital organs. The children carried out investigations to identify the muscles they use to move their body. The are beginning to understand how muscles contract and relax when we move our body. In this topic, the children also learnt about animals with and without skeleton (exoskeleton and endoskeleton) and how they move.