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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 4

Mr Sussmann and Mrs Thamu warmly welcome you to Year 4.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 4, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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January 2021


In Art we have been exploring Celtic patterns and designs.  We began the term by exploring shading and texture skills with pencil.  The children then conducted their own research in Celtic designs and patterns and learnt how to produce their own Celtic knots.  The children then used their skills to design their own Celtic patterns and objects.  Many of them look like they came straight out of catalogue for Iron age artefacts.


In English, we have been learning about the features of a newspaper and using our skills to write our own Newspaper article from the Celtic fable of Diarmuid and Grainne.  The children examined many newspaper articles and identified common features before trying their hand at writing introductory paragraphs and headlines.  We also practiced writing direct and indirect speech and how to convert between them. The children clearly demonstrated that they understood how t write in a formal tone and showed off their impressive vocabulary when writing their articles.  I’m sure we have some budding journalist in the year group


Children have been learning all about the bronze and iron ages.  We have learnt about Iron age housing and settlements and also about the most important technological developments of the age.  We have discovered that the development of farming methods in the Bronze and Iron ages led to the formation of larger settlements and what we now call villages, towns or even cities.  The children have also been learning about what people used to eat in the Iron age. Using some of the skills they developed in the food tech room last year, several children embarked upon some experimental archaeology of their own. They recreated Iron age cheese and breads using ancient methods.  I have heard reports that it was quite tasty indeed!


In Maths this term we have been looking at multiplication, division, area and we have started our fractions model. The children have begun to understand how the skills they have already developed in addition and subtraction as well as their knowledge of place value can be used to help them solve more complicated problems in other areas of maths.  I’m proud of the resilience and perseverance many children have shown to continue their maths learning during this period of home learning.


I am so proud with year 4’s participation to online learning.

The children have really impressed me with their learning and knowledge of staff notation.

We have been playing rhythm bingo where they have to follow and recognise rhythm notation

In addition, we have started learning about samba music and following the rhythms involved. This includes changes of pitch.


In year 4 we have been learning 6 sets of the Panjabi alphabet, we have been using our knowledge of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds to make siharee and kanaa words. We have then been constructing simple sentences using these kanaa and siharee words.  As well as learning about written Panjabi, we have been learning the names of fruits and their colours. Year 4 have produced colourful posters to educate us on the names of fruits as well as telling us their favourite fruit.


This term, children have taken part in online Zoom PE lessons! 

We have focused on fitness and exercise with workout routines as well as playing fun PE games such as ‘Would You Rather’ and ‘Deal or No Deal – Fitness’. 

Children have learnt new exercises such as ‘Kangaroo Kicks’, ‘Frog Jumps’ and the ‘Cheetah Run’. 

We have also spent a little time meditating towards the end of our lessons to help clear our mind and focus our thoughts. 

It has been important that children do keep fit exercises daily so we have also challenged children to repeat the exercises every day at home to maintain their health and fitness! 


We have been looking at our place in the community and other people’s roles within it.  Children have created their own coat of arms; describing elements of their identity within their community.  We have also created a jigsaw to show the different people which make up our community.  The children have been very thoughtful when examining the many people and identities who come together to make where we live a community, rather than just a residence.


We have been learning about Christianity in RE this term.  Children have been working through an Oak academy module, learning about the holy trinity and the parables of Jesus and answering some online quizzes to make sure they have understood the lessons.


The children have been working through our electricity module this term. They have been thinking about the components which make up an electrical circuit. By using a mixture of online and practical tools they have been experimenting with making complete circuits.  As well as investigating where they may find switches around the house. They have also been learning about the materials which make good insulators and conductors.   Many children realized that pencil graphite is a good electrical conductor.  I wonder if the same is true of another type of carbon; diamond?