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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 4

Mr Sussmann and Mrs Thamu warmly welcome you to Year 4.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 4, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

November 2019


Children have been exploring cooking in DT this month, they have been researching how people have made bread during the ages.  This links in with our class trip and our topic work.  Children will research different recipes for bread with the intention of making their own bread in the school kitchen. They will look into the key ingredients for bread and see if they can find any alternatives.  Will they choose a European or a historical recipe or will they invent their own adaptation?


Pupils understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things.

In ‘Up in the air’, pupils entered a code to fly a plane using key presses. In ‘Fly a helicopter’; pupils used buttons to program the movement of a helicopter. Pupils then designed their own backgrounds and created a simple game. They had the opportunity to play and evaluate each other’s games.

During this term, pupils have also been introduced to touch-typing. They have been practising and improving their skills using an online program entitled ‘Dancing Mat’.


Children have been beginning to analyse news stories and learn to understand what makes up a news story and a newspaper article. Here children are working on their Alan Peat If, if, if then sentences.  We have been spending extra time on Newsround stories analysing the What, where, when, why and why of news stories.  Children will write their own newspaper stories about their school trip, interviewing their class mates and the archaeologists on Butser ancient farm.


This Month we have started our new topic which is Bronze age to Iron age.  The children have been learning about the three age system and how people in the Iron age lived.  They learnt about the different features of a roundhouse and why roundhouses always opened up to the east.  They have learnt about how Iron age people made clothes and how they made flour to make bread and other foods.  The children went on a school trip to Butser ancient farm where they saw recreations of Iron age dwellings and learnt how people made food, rope and art in the Iron age.


In Maths this month we have been concentrating on our timetables. It was great to see the amount of effort they had out into learning them. We then continued our work on negative numbers, looking at where numbers are placed on a number line and values on a thermometer. You may find this site helpful, the children loved it in class –

For the remainder of the month, we looked at adding and subtracting numbers in 1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s, ensuring they fully understood the column method and the place value grids.


The children have continued to learn the recorder.

They are learning to perfect their breathing technique and move between the notes B,A,G and E more fluently. As well as playing, they are learning to read rhythms and continuing to read notation. Their breathing techniques and tone are improving, as well as tyheir ability to move between notes accurately.

They have learnt to sing the song ‘Remember’ which focuses on remembering those who fought and died in the wars linking with remembrance day. They have also learnt a song called song of the winter wind which which personifies and is told from the perspective of the wind.


This month the children have been learning about the story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Malik Bhago and Bhai Lalo Ji in Punjabi by learning the vocabulary of the story in Punjabi and retelling the story in Punjabi verbally and also in writing in their books. Pupils have been using cartoon images of the story about the Bhai Lalo and Guru Nanak Dev Ji and after sequencing the story in the right order they have been writing the story in Punjabi next to the pictures. Then they have retold the story themselves in Punjabi afterwards to the rest of the class.


In PE, we have been learning the various skills involved with playing football.  We have focused on passing, dribbling and shooting as well as marking, positional play and coaching.

Children have been practicing to control and pass the ball with the inside of their foot and to follow through with power when passing over longer distances or shooting.

We have focused on team play by working together to figure out which players are best suited to which positions on the pitch.  This has led to using our communication skills to coach each other before a game starts as well as during any warm ups or matches.


This month in PSHE, as it was Anti Bullying week, we continued our work on Bullying and Anti Bullying.  We watched various videos on different types of bullying and then discussed these in groups and then as a class.  The children designed various posters conveying the message of anti-bullying.  We discussed problem solving and why witnesses sometimes join in with bullying and sometimes don’t tell.  The children shared various personal experiences.  To top it all we all came to school wearing odd socks.  ‘Healthy Me’ is our next topic and we have started this by looking at my friends and me.


In RE this month we have slowly introduced the Christian faith.  We started the topic by taking a look at a selection of different symbols and discussing what we recognised.  We explained what the symbols meant. We learnt how some symbols are universal and some are cultural and thus may not be recognised worldwide.  The children learnt that a symbol is a picture that stands for something.  We then moved on to create our own symbols to represent us.  Children had great fun designing their own and then giving their peers a chance to guess what they meant.


This month we have been continuing our work on Humans and other animals.  We have been looking at the 7 food groups and how they affect our human Biology. The children conducted an experiment on how much Vitamin C is found in different orange juices and orange squashes.  The children have tested vitamin C concentration by using an iodine starch mixture and have recorded their results in a results table. Some of the children have represented this in a bar chart.  The results were surprising.

Sikh Studies

This month, the children have been using role play to explain about Guru Nanak Dev Ji to a non-Sikh. Using the footage captured by Newsround of our school celebrations, pupils have got into pairs and practised doing a role play of having to explain to a non-Sikh person about Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The non-Sikh person has just learnt about Guru Nanak Dev Ji from watching Newsround and wants to know more from pupils at this school. This has enabled children to share their knowledge that they have acquired this term so far on Guru Nanak Dev Ji and use it in a real-life setting.