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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 5

Mrs Van Rooyen and Mrs Chahal warmly welcome you to Year 5.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 5, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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February 2020


For art this term, we have been focusing on rivers. We first looked at the black and white photography of rivers and thought about the images in thorough detail. We each picked our own images of rivers and annotated our pictures focusing on details such as if the river had a story behind it, whether the images showed weakness or strength, how the images made us feel, the angles the images had been taken and so much more. We then added our own lines of colour to the image so we can later stitch in our own embroidery lines to images of rivers. We have been practising some stitching  and in particular the running stitch.


Pupils continued their mission as internet detectives to locate specific information about India. They developed a secure understanding of the terms copyright and plagiarism. They understand the importance of considering this when researching and using information from the internet. They were encouraged to present the information in their own words.

Pupils added and formatted appropriate images to include in their work. They were encouraged to acknowledge the images that they had used by referencing the website they came from.

Pupils then went on to research the various symbols of India. For example: the national emblem of India and the national animal of India.


This month in English we have been writing to entertain.

We looked at what makes a strong piece of writing and the ingredients we need to write our own chapter in the story we have been focussing on in class, ‘A Journey to the River Sea’.

The children have been very imaginative when writing their own chapters and have included some great language features including fronted adverbials, extended noun phrases, subordinate clauses and lots and lots of detailed writing.

We were lucky enough to see a ‘black beauty’ insect which also lives in rainforests and we used this description as part of our writing. It was amazing to know that this insect is quite rare and we got to see it in real life!


In Geography we have been learning about rivers and the river system.

We learnt that the source of the river is always somewhere in the mountains or hills and that all rivers eventually flow to the sea. We also looked at the stages of the river and made a comparison to humans! At the start of the river, the river is ‘young’ and therefore fast and you will find rapids and waterfalls in this part. Then, when the river matures, it’s getting slower and all sorts of activities are taking place at this stage: e.g. recreational activities. Finally, the river is ‘old’ and it is very slow and flows into the ocean at the mouth of the river. We have also been learning how to use a map to find symbols by using the four grid figure.


In maths, our focus this term was mainly fractions. We first refreshed our knowledge from Y4 and then moved on to converting fractions more than one. We added and subtracted fractions with the same denominators. Then we moved on to adding 3 or more fractions with different denominators. This was a bit tricky as we had to remember to convert the fractions and to make sure the denominators are always the same! We realised how important and useful times tables are, because you need this knowledge all of the time.


In Music the children have continued to learn the benefits of music:

  • Concentration
  • Team work
  • Self esteem
  • Co-ordination
  • Perseverance

They are learning songs related to their topic ‘Rivers’ and the water cycle and are appraising different pieces about rivers using inter-related dimensions (technical vocabulary)

They discussed sounds of a River and have created a composition using percussion instruments.


In PE, we have learning to play Throw Tennis.  Children are learning to think on their feet and react quickly to stay in the game.  We have encouraged each other to take risks and to come out of their ‘comfort zone’ along with learning the skills required for throwing and catching.  We have been learning the importance of adapting our style of play to suit the game and also how to recognise necessary steps to improve our performance.  We also focused on looking for the spaces on the court in which to throw the ball and making decisions about where to throw it before we receive it.


We have been having a big focus on PSHE this month and have been class discussions about many topics which affect us. We have been focusing on friendships, relationships with our peers and using our words wisely. We have been discussing our feelings and have been sharing things that make us happy and things that can sometimes upset us and strategies as to how we can help ourselves and others. There have been some very good and in-depth discussions about how we can all better ourselves and be happy and safe in school.


The term the children have continued exploring and discussing the importance of the Hindu religion.

We have had many discussions about the different Hindu gods and why there are special and important to the Hindu religion. Each one has a special power and gift they were blessed with and we explored this in further detail.  We then increased our understanding of the different names that Hindus have for God and the different roles they perform in the religion.

The children discussed similarities and differences between their own religion and the Hinduism.


This term in year 5, we have continued our topic of Electricity. We recapped on electrical circuits, conductors and insulators. We discussed some different types of conductors and insulators we can find around own our house and around the school and lots of fun exploring these. We then conducted a series of experiments to find out what would have an effect on the brightness of the bulb linking this to the outside world.

Sikh Studies

This month in Sikh Studies pupils have been learning different stories about the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Stories (Sakhis) from the birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, to their childhood and to the different contributions the 10th Guru gave to the Sikhs. The children had learnt these stories through images from story books and then the children used those images to write their own short stories to go with each of the images they chose to write about. This has helped children to understand more about the greatness of Guru Gobind Singh Ji while practising their story writing skills.