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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 5

Mrs Van Rooyen and Mrs Chahal warmly welcome you to Year 5.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 5, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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October 2019


In art this term we have been focusing on Islamic art in Turkey. We have focussed on Turkey as this was one of the countries which Guru Nanak Dev Ji had travelled to on his Udasis. The children looked at the different pieces of artwork all around Turkey. We looked at symmetrical patterns and from there children created their very own tiled artwork. Children began by creating their own designs, tracing these designs on tracing paper and then conveying this over to a sheet of card to ensure all the artwork was exactly symmetrical. This took a lot of patience and concentration however some fantastic artwork was produced in the end. 


In Computing, children have been making PowerPoint presentations about endangered animals across the world. They have been learning how to research information on the internet and finding key facts about animals. Children have also learnt how to copy and paste images which they have been using in their presentations. Furthermore, children have also been learning the importance of hyperlink and how this is useful when adding additional information to their work.  


We started this term to study and analyse some of the stories of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Our main focus story was the story of Mardana and the boulder. We learnt from this story not to be greedy, but to share what we have with others around us. 

In our writing, we have been learning how to write in order to entertain the reader. We did some role-play where we did some hot seating in order to understand a character’s thoughts and feelings. This was important to write our diary entry as Mardana.  We also wrote our own story based on the story of the boulder. In our story, we used descriptive language to describe setting and character and the same time we looked at the use of some of the following: fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses and some even showed some evidence of relative clauses!


As this term was focussed all around Guru Nanak Dev Ji, children focussed on the different countries Guru Nanak Dev Ji had travelled to. We focussed on the four main udasis (travels) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and found out information about each of these travels and located them on a map using an atlas. Children also researched the places Guru Nanak Dev Ji had travelled to and found out information about each of these countries, we even looked at additional information such as how many metres above sea level the countries were.  


In maths, we have continued our work with place value with numbers up to 1 million and we developed our understanding of rounding numbers within a million.   We learnt that rounding comes in useful when you do shopping for estimating the cost of the items you want to buy. We then moved on to addition and subtraction. Again, we had to use our place value knowledge and we worked with numbers up to a million. With reasoning questions, we found that some questions required some detailed answers, whereas some others are just a simple one-sentence explanation. With problem solving, we found some harder than others, especially the multi-step questions where we had to dive slightly deeper in our thoughts and reasoning.  


The children have been learning about music from the sixties. 

They have learnt to sing songs written by the Beatles and have used the chime bars to play the melody, following notation. They have learnt to read crotchets, quavers and pitches. This has developed their perseverance, resilience, team work, co-ordination, rhythm and pitch. 

In addition, they have begun to compose lyrics about the earth and environment. They will continue to practice their chime bar skills by learning melody and accompaniment. 


In Year 5 the main focus of this term has and will be on Guru Nanak Dev Ji since we are celebrating the 550th Prakash Dehara of Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. First we learnt about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s family and their family members such as Bhai Mardana Ji and Bhai Bala Ji. We then learnt about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s childhood and Three Teachings; Naam Japna, Wand Shakna and Kirt Karna. As well as learning the three teachings, we learnt about their meanings and how to incorporate them into our lives.  We then looked at a story called Haughty Faquire. We were then given a picture which corresponded a part of the story, we used the picture to discuss that part of the story with our partner and we then shared that with the whole class which helped us gain confidence to speak loudly and clearly in front of the whole class.


For PE this term, children have been playing Handball.  As Handball is a team sport we have focused on teamwork and communication.  Children have been practicing to communicate verbally and non-verbally with their team by means such as eye contact and calling out the name of who they pass the ball to. 

We have also used focuses such as “we can encourage and coach each other when mistakes are made”.  This was embedded into our lessons to help promote the idea of helping each other and not to blame teammates when the team is losing or not playing well.   

Children learnt the difference between encouraging and coaching and as lessons have progressed we have started to offer coaching tips to our teammates rather than simply offering words of encouragement. 


In PSHE this month we were focusing on bullying. We discussed what bullying is and the different types of bullying that children may come across. As part of PSHE the children also had a special visitor to come in and hold workshops about the importance of anti-bullying. The children had an assembly about the different kinds of bullying and discussed how everyone is different and how this should be celebrated. There was also an enjoyable workshop which children took part in and there were some role play activities involved after listening to a very important story.    


In RE this term Children have been researching information about Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Jesus. In class we focussed on information about these two figures including their background, early life, history and contributions to both religions. We also focussed on stories relating to both Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Jesus and how both showed values of love, compassion and kindness wherever they travelled.


In Science children have focused on the different organs of the body. We began by looking at the heart and its functions and how vital this is to our body. Next we focused on the lungs. The children worked in groups to make their very own lungs to help understand how the lungs function inside our body. Ch8ilren used plastic bottles, balloons and straws to create a visual image of air going in and out of their lungs. We also focussed on the digestive system and the functions of the oesophaguslarge intestines, small intestines and the stomach.  

Sikh Studies

This month pupils have been learning about the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji from watching a short animation on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life. They firstly derived as many teachings as they could from the short clips shown from the animation. From there they chose one of the teachings and then applied it to a real life situation that they could relate to through role play. Here are the photos of them preparing and showing their role plays. This took place over a series of lessons. Afterwards they wrote down how they can use each of the teachings from Guru Nanak Dev Ji in their day-to-day life.