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Welcome to Life at KPS for Reception

Mr Sembhi and Mrs Virdee warmly welcome you to Reception.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Reception, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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January 2021

Communication and Language

In Reception our children have really enjoyed taking part in cooking at home with their family. During Show and Tell time, our children shared all the wonderful food they have been making at home such as cakes and sandwiches. We encourage all our children to be proud of their achievements and they were so excited to show what they had made at home and what they used to make all the delicious food. They were able to confidently explain what they enjoyed the most about their cooking activities and what they needed help with. They were able to explain what ‘ingredients’ and ‘cooking tools’ meant and give a list of these aswell.

Expressive arts and design

In Reception we have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. Our children have been so creative with designing and making homes for the three little pigs. Our children have been looking closely at different materials including, sticks, straw, hay and bricks. They have been using their creativity and imagination to explore these materials and make different size homes for the three-little pigs. Our children have also been learning to use a variety of different art tools including paints, scissors, glue, cello tape and much more to make these homes. They really enjoyed sharing their work with the rest of class during Show and Tell time. Great creative work Reception. Keep it up!


Reading is a huge focus for us in Reception and more so, they enjoyment and love for reading. During this time, our Reception children have been reading to each other in our Zoom sessions, they have been sharing pieces of writing they have written to others, they have joined in with reading platforms such as Epic and Oxford Owl and they have been sharing their favourite books that they have been reading at home with their class mates. We love to hear our children use their phonic skills to read to others and the enjoyment we see when they laugh at the pictures in books is priceless. Great work Reception!


In Reception, our children have been learning to count lots of items in and around the house. They have been learning to match items into pairs and count them out. We have been learning to count more than 20! Our children have really enjoyed playing a sorting game where they have been sorting socks into pairs and then counting out how many pairs of socks they have altogether. They have also been sorting other objects in and around the house and understand that Maths can be applied anywhere and is used in our everyday life. Amazing maths work Reception!

Physical Development

In Reception we have been encouraging our children to stay active at home during this time. We have been playing a lot of fun games and activities where our children and parents have been actively involved. Our children and parents have really enjoyed taking part in lots of Memory games and the Scavenger hunt we do every week. It has been so much fun to see our children and parents running around to find certain items around the house to complete the Scavenger Hunt activity. Our children loved to dress-up in all the items they had found on their hunt and sent in lots of funny photos. Everyone was so tired after this activity!


In Reception, as part of Well-being and Mental Health we have regular daily talks with our children about how they are feeling emotionally. This is during a lesson, a piece of work they have sent in or in Show and Tell. We have been talking in-depth about emotions and feelings and how it is ok to feel in a certain way or that your feeling and emotions can change during the day. Our children have been sending in drawings and photos of the different emotions and feelings they have experienced whilst at home. They have shared these photos and drawings with the rest of the class during Show and Tell time. Well done Reception.

Understanding the World

In Reception our children have been sending in lots of Photos of them playing in the snow! They have been exploring what the snow looks like, feels like and what they have been doing in the snow. Thet really enjoyed talking about this during Show and Tell time with the rest of the class. Our children were able to explain the term ‘melting’ to others and stated through observation that their Snowman has melted because the sun came out and it had stopped snowing. Our children loved to share their thoughts and ideas about where snow comes from and what changes they had observed during the snow. Amazing talk Reception. Keep it going!