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Welcome to Life at KPS for Reception

Mr Sembhi and Mrs Virdee warmly welcome you to Reception.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Reception, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

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October 2020

Communication and Language

Our children have been really enjoying reading and listening to a variety of different stories. They have been really involved in reading to each other, reading independently and being read to by an adult. They have been learning to talk in complete sentences and using their voice in different ways when expressing or talking about what they have seen in their picture. Our children have been learning to hold a book the correct way, turning pages one by one and reading from left to right. They have been learning to talk using the terms ‘and’ and ‘because’ when talking about their book.

Expressive arts and design

This month, our children have been creating African crowns using a repeated pattern. The children have used their understanding of a repeated pattern in Maths to make a shape pattern on their crown. They used different colours and shapes when printing. They learnt about different print making techniques.

As it was Black History month, our children learnt about African dancing and wore their African crowns when practicing the dance moves.

We also did some research on African jewellery and found out that beads were made from different materials and most of the time wood and different stones were the main materials. They are now using a lot of organic materials to create their jewellery.

Our children created necklaces using a variety of mixed materials.


Our reception children have been retelling and ordering the story, ‘Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus.’ We then went on to looking at the parts of the story that they really enjoyed. The children then drew their favourite part of the story and gave reasons to why it was using the word ‘because.’

Our children have been learning to hear and write phonics sounds in words. We looked at the role of a nurse and doctor and what kind of tools/equipment they have which is used when we visit the doctor for a check-up. We looked at a variety of equipment such as a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe and a wooden tongue depressor. Children drew the pictures and then wrote the initial sound of the words. Some children went further and wrote more than one sound that they heard/recognised. Our children are beginning read simple CVC words. They are able to identify each sound in the word and then blend those sounds together to say the complete word.


In Maths, our children have been using resources such as coloured pegs, beads, teddy bears, counters and cubes to make patterns. For example, yellow, green, yellow green, etc.

The children identified and created their own repeated pattern. They were able to explain that a repeated pattern is an ordered sequence, in this case using colour. This will enable the children to sequence and order number later on in the year.

Our children used the language big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest to order size of an object. The children were then able to order different objects around the classroom.

Our children have been learning to count by moving the object as they count them. They first selected a number card. They identified the number on the card and counted that number of objects using 1:1 correspondence.

Physical Development

Our Reception children have been using the bikes in the playground. They have been pretending to be riding their bikes on a road and we have been looking at road safety. Our children have been looking at taking turns, waiting for their turn and stopping to let others pass by on their bikes. They have been looking at speed and staying safe when riding their bikes. All our children love riding the bikes. We love seeing the smiles when they are on the bikes.  Well done Reception!


Wow! Look at how wonderful our children are at working together to create their own garden area outside. Our children have been building relationships, working together and building their confidence when working as part of a team. Our children have been sharing equipment safely with each other, waiting patiently for their turn and saying ‘thank you’ when working collaboratively as a team. We have also been learning how to stay clean and tidy when working in the garden area where our children have been learning about wearing Wellington boots and coats when working in messy areas such as the garden.  Great Reception bonding time. Well done Reception!

Understanding the World

Our children have been looking at Black History Month. We have been looking in detail at different parts of the world, where people live, what some of their culture and traditions are and we have been looking in detail at the different types of patterns and designs that are represented around the world during Black History Month. Our children have been making African Masks where they have been looking at using different tools and equipment to make colourful patterns. They have also embedded repeated patterns in to creating their patterns on their African mask. Amazing creative work Reception!