Mrs Bhogal

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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 1

Mrs Bhogal and Mrs Richardson warmly welcome you to Year 1.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 1, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Richardson

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April 2019

What we have been learning so far this year:


In Art we have continued to develop our colour mixing skills. We used our skills of making shades and tints to create a multi-coloured coloured grid. We looked closer at the portraits of Chuck Close and noticed that he actually grids up his work to help him achieve photorealistic paintings. We used a pencil to shade in the squares that we would paint with a shade and we painted the white squares with tints. This will help us to paint our mystery portrait…

‘The tints are lighter because we put white in it.’


The children have been learning the IT skills of selecting and dragging text in Microsoft Word. They have sequenced information contained within a text box. They have been taught how to order the days of the week and to present them in a list.

The children know how to highlight text and change the colour of the font.

The children had the opportunity to practise and apply the skills of selecting and dragging to solve age appropriate mathematical games. This has helped them to consolidate their number bonds.


In English, we learnt and retold the story of St George and the Dragon. Some of us sequenced images of the story, some drew story maps, some made story boards and some wrote the story. We used adjectives to create an acrostic poem of St George’s name.

After learning all about St George, we returned to our main story of Handa’s Surprise. We have been role playing and retelling the story – we even did a puppet show! We have now started to write the beginning of our story. We used the story map and our writing checklist to help us sequence and punctuate our sentences. We also found the word mats really useful!


In Geography we have been using our knowledge of compass directions to follow and give instructions on a map. It was tricky to remember to face north, otherwise some of us were moving in the opposite direction! We looked at a grid map of Handa, her fruit and some animals in the story and worked in groups to follow given instructions. We are becoming more familiar with remembering the directional language to locate things on a map. We then moved on to writing our own instructions for others to follow.


In Maths we have used difference to explore subtraction and addition within 20. We looked at the relationships and used specific language to describe the equations. For example, eight is three greater than five and five is three less than eight. This language supports children in finding the connections between 8 – 3 = 5 and 5 + 3 = 8.

After this unit we moved onto fractions, using our Big Picture of Anansi and the Turtle. We made half and quarter sandwiches for their party. Now we can recognise, find and name a half and a quarter of objects, shapes and quantities.


In Music, we have been learning to play the pulse on percussion instruments. We have copied rhythms and recognised the sounds of different instruments. We have developed co-operation through friendship songs including ‘Jump Jim Joe’ and ‘As I was walking down the street’. We have been learning songs related to Africa and animals. We have also been using the djembe drums and following simple graphic scores to create different rhythms. We’re getting really good at stopping and starting at the same time!


In Panjabi we have been learning vowel sounds. We are learning the Siharee vowel. First we learnt the sound of the symbol and where that symbol stands in the words. We read the Siharee words by using our prior knowledge (sound the letter, sound the symbol). In writing we have practised writing Siharee words. We used flash cards, magnetic letters and even wrote them on white boards! We enjoyed sharing them with each other and reading some new words.

Physical Education (P.E.)

In PE we have been focusing on sharing our ideas with each other. Problems were introduced in the lessons which challenge us to solve these problems as a team. This term, cross curricular links are being made with subjects such as Maths. We have been adding up and subtracting at a fast pace in order to win races and mini competitions.

We worked in groups to discuss how to travel with the mats without using our hands.

Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE)

In PSHE we have been comparing Jesus’ friendships with Handa. Handa was a good friend to Akeyo because she brought her a basket of fruit. We discussed what makes a good friend and shared how we are also good friends.

‘A good friend is somebody you can share with.’

‘If my friend was sick I would take my friend some chocolates and flowers.’

We have been discussing how to keep positive even when things get difficult. We related this to St George and how he showed bravery. Then we thought about a time when we had seen or shown bravery ourselves.


In RE we learnt about the Christian story of Easter. We listened to the story and discussed what the different characters did, then we worked in groups to act out the story. It was fun to perform to each other!

‘I acted as Judas and betrayed Jesus!

After learning the story, we related it to real life by considering how Jesus would be welcomed by Christians into Slough today. Instead of waving palm leaves, we thought of modern ideas like balloons, streamers, fireworks, bunting, food and gifts.


In our Science topic ‘Animals including Humans’ we have been learning about animal diets. We also discussed what we eat as humans.

‘I am an omnivore because I eat chicken and vegetables.’

‘I am a herbivore because I don’t eat meat.’

We looked at a variety of animals and what they eat. We drew our own animals to classify as well!

‘Did you know that a dog is an omnivore. They eat dog food which has meat and vegetables in it!’

‘Even though an elephant is huge, did you know that it is a herbivore and only eats plants!’.