Mrs Bhogal

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Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 1

Mrs Bhogal and Mrs Richardson warmly welcome you to Year 1.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 1, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Richardson

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July 2019

What we have been learning so far:


In D&T, we have been busy collecting our ideas for our own litter pickers. After looking at existing products to inspire us, we began to sketch our initial designs. Some of us were very creative with our designs, however we learnt that we had to design something achievable for us to make ourselves in the classroom.

‘I know, we could put hoovers on the ends of the litter picker!’

We evaluated our initial designs and then chose the most effective design.

To plan our making process, we wrote which materials and tools we would need. This helped us to make our product more carefully.


Pupils have continued with the coding unit this month. In ‘Another planet’, pupils drew their own background of a planet surface. They then used a code to make a five space objects move when clicked.

Pupils have also had an opportunity to create their own app. They were able select their own objects from several categories such as buildings, animals, toys etc. and resize them. They were then able to position the objects using their select and drag skills. They added a code to make three objects move when clicked. Once saved, pupils were able to play with each other’s games.


In English, we have used our story to inspire us to write letters about looking after the environment. We looked at the features of a letter and the structure of how it is written.

‘You need to make sure that the address is written clearly, so that the Jolly Postman can deliver it to the right house.’

We generated ideas as a class about who we should write to and which problems we should discuss.

‘I’m writing to Mr Dhesi because he looks after Slough.’

We wrote our letter and then checked that it had full stops and capital letters. We hope that we’ve raised an awareness about litter in our community.


In History, we have been looking at changes over time. We each brought in a baby photo of ourselves and compared it to how we look now.

‘When I was a baby I looked funny because of my hair!’

‘I used to be so tiny, but now I’m really big!’

We also looked at how objects have changed over time, such as toys and electronics. We discussed technology like televisions – this blew the children away.

‘You mean your television didn’t have Youtube on it?’

We’ve really enjoyed looking at changes within living memory and seeing the rapid advances in technology.


In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. First we enjoyed having a half price sale in our shop, where we could practise our halving and doubling skills. This also helped us to consolidate our knowledge of money. Then we began to focus on multiplication, where we made arrays and used repeated addition. It was important to remember that each group had to be equal.  After that we looked at division and how we need to share equally between groups. We used part-whole models with more than two parts in this unit, which helped us to see how numbers can be broken down into many parts.


In Music, we have been linking our music learning to our topic of growing plants. We have learnt to sing the song ‘I love the flowers’ and have added chime bars.

We have discussed the difference in tempo, pitch and instrumentation and have linked it to music by Saint Saen: Carnival of the animals.

We have begun to add instrumentation to the song ‘Walking through the Jungle’ representing different sound as to different animals.

Physical Education (P.E.)

This month children in year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from two coaches from Singh Sabha football club.  The coaches worked with the children on ball control, passing and moving and even arranged some small matches for them.  The children loved the session and learnt about teamwork and working together.

Children also took part in an Active Movement survey where they were asked about how much exercise they get on a normal school day and on the weekends.  Active movement will use the results from this survey to make recommendations for us to use to increase the level of exercise our children get in and out of school.


In RE we have continued learning about Judaism. We have learnt about their special day called Shabbat and used our knowledge to empathise with traditions on that day. We learnt about Hannukah, which is a special time in the Jewish calendar. We learnt the story of the Maccabees and how God gave them a miracle by letting their oil burn for eight days, when it was only enough for one day. When we discussed the Menorah candle and how it represents the oil burning, we also related it to light in other religions.

‘On Diwali, we light divas.’

We also discussed how some traditions make us feel closer to God, but others are more to bring us together with our friends and family.


In Science, we have been observing the weather this month. We have had some record temperatures over these weeks and it has felt very humid inside. We discussed how this hot weather would affect our plants. We decided that it would be a good idea to give them some extra water.

‘Look Mrs Richardson, the plant is growing!’

We have visited our new garden plot on the school field, which we will plant in next year. We started to think about which plants we want to grow and how we could make the garden look inviting and attractive.

Sikh Studies

This term we have been learning about Guru Arjan Dev Ji, we presented our knowledge to the school through an assembly. Children from a variety of classes took part in singing shabads about the shaheedi of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. In year 6 we presented Guru Ji’s life as well as the reasons behind why he was tortured. In the assembly we spoke both Panjabi and English to present the history behind the story. After the assembly we all worked as a team to serve Shabeel, as well as discussing the reason behind why we do a Shabeel.   In year 1 we have been learning about Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s childhood and background as well as the reason behind the Shaheedi and the sacrifices he made. We started of by mind mapping all the knowledge we gathered about Guru Ji’s life. We then used pictures to construct paragraphs involving events surrounding Guru Ji’s life.