Mrs Sandhu

2 Partridge

Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 2

Mrs Sandhu and Mrs Morgan warmly welcome you to Year 2.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 2, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Morgan

2 Sparrow

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September 2019

So far this term we have been learning all about the Sikhi birds featured in The Gurbani. Mrs Morgan’s class has the Sparrow and Ms Sandhu’s class has the Partridge as their class bird. The children have been very excited to learn about the birds as well as discover facts relating to The Gurbani.

They have had the opportunity to draw their bird by looking at the specific features in detail. As well as this the children have written acrostic poems using the adjectives and facts learned about each bird. Excitingly, the children walked through the forested area in the field to try and spot the birds or their nests. They even picked some twigs, grass and leaves to make their own nests for them. “We were acting like birds looking for twigs and leaves to make nests”, said a Year 2 child.

As sparrows are normally found around houses and people, the children used resources to make their own bird feeders.

Partridge class went to find some nests around the school as the birds are too shy to be seen among people.