Mrs Van Rooyen

4 Kite

Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 4

Mrs van Rooyen and Mrs Thamu warmly welcome you to Year 4.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 4, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Thamu

4 Crane

June 2019

What we have been learning so far:


In DT this month we learnt about the design cycle.  Our brief was to make a souvenir pencil case with a significance to Slough.  The first phase of the cycle is the research phase and we looked at various existing pencil case designs, commenting on their features and whether they served the purpose they were designed to serve.  We worked our way down to two designs and in detail analysed each before deciding on the design we were going to make. We then drew a sketch of our design and refined it making a note of all the design features to ensure it followed our brief and purpose.


Pupils understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things. In ‘Up in the air’, pupils entered a code to fly a plane using key presses. In ‘Fly the helicopter, pupils used buttons to program the movement of a helicopter. Pupils then designed their own backgrounds and created simple games. They had the opportunity to play and evaluate each other’s games. In ‘Space travel’, pupils used a timer to program a sequence of actions to make simple animation. They realised that programs execute by following clear, sequential instructions.  During this term, pupils have also been introduced to touch-typing. They have been practising and improving their skills using an online program entitled ‘Dancing Mat’.


This term we were learning to develop our skills and understanding about informing the reader. We also learnt more about participating in discussions especially about our local area: Slough. We had to think about our audience and what effect we want to have on the reader with our tier 2 vocabulary.  We had opportunity to do some research and to gather our facts about Slough, our local community. We also read online news reports about future and current improvements in Slough in order to incorporate those facts so that our leaflet has more volume about real life in Slough. All the time we thoughtfully kept our success criteria in mind, which includes: fronted adverbials, sub-ordinate clauses, conjunctions and formal language.


In Geography this month we have been concentrating on our local area – Slough.  We looked at the differences and similarities between a hamlet, village, town and city.  Using the learn pads we researched the various buildings and landmarks in Slough and its history.  We took a trip down memory lane and looked at geographical features that have changed over the years. We looked at how industry in Slough had changed greatly over the years and children discussed how these changes had affected them. We can now confidently locate Slough on a map.  We have also learnt about four figure grid references and symbols used on maps.


In Maths this month we have been very busy and worked really hard.  We have studied measurements of time: hours, minutes, second, years, months, weeks and days. We also looked at converting analogue and digital times as well as the 24 hour clock. Next we moved on to statistics and studied line graphs, pictograms and data tables.  We learnt how to draw these graphs and interpret data represented on them. The last week and half of the month was spent identifying angles and recognising acute, obtuse and right angles. The children had great fun acting out the various angles discussed.


The beginning of the month saw the children finishing their work on the Vikings, singing rounds, creating Viking chants and adding percussion instruments to their rhythms. The children then began to link their music to their maths learning.

They have learnt to sing the song ‘Area and Perimeter’ and have added accompaniments on the chime bars.

Particular attention has been given to the changes in sound, dynamics, pitch, tempo, pulse and timbre.


In Panjabi we have been learning about different cultures and how culture is different to religion. We came across and familiarised ourselves with lots of new vocabulary like Charkha, Manja, Ghagra etc. As we are focusing more on Panjabi culture we divided the learning into sub-topics such as Panjabi foods, sports, clothing, celebrations and festivals. Children are showing a great interest in this topic and sharing their knowledge and experiences with the whole class. During these weeks we have been learning about famous foods of Panjab as well as what people used to earn a living.

Physical Education (P.E.)

This month was our school Sports Day.  Children took part in many different races where they were required to put all their previous learning into action.  They had to use techniques learnt in PE lessons to compete against each other in a variety of challenges and races.  Some of our races involved problem solving where children had to work as part of a team to complete challenges faster than the other teams.  This put many skills learnt in PE lessons into practice and the children were excellent in displaying their teamwork and tenacity to finish any challenge they were confronted with.

Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE)

During another online safety session, we refreshed our knowledge about how to be safe online. The following is very important when you browse the internet or visit some sites:

  • Don’t share your personal and private details
  • Don’t leave abusive messages to others
  • Keep your passwords safe
  • Change your strong password regularly
  • Don’t share any photos online, not even in an email
  • Don’t click on dodgy links – there might be a virus
  • Tell a trusted adult if anything upsets you

Religious Education (R.E.)

In RE this month we have learnt about the ten commandments and that God gave it to Moses on Mount Sinai. We learnt how Christians follow these commandments to show commitment to God and we understood that to have a good life, Christians follow these rules throughout their life. We then drew a comparison to the rules that guide Sikhs and discovered that we share exactly the same values. When we thought about our own rules, we included the way we should treat other people around us and decided we want to treat everyone equally in all fairness. We also had a very informative trip to the Synagogue where we learnt about the Jews and how they pray. We also learnt that Jews read only the Old Testament, whereas Christians read the Old and New Testament.


In science this month we have been concentrating on Biology.  We have been learning about both animals and humans.  Our focus for the half term is to plan an investigation by working scientifically and incorporating observation over time with comparative and fair data.  We have looked at a balanced diet, teeth, the digestive system, the heart, the skeleton and keeping healthy. We ran an experiment where the heart rate was taken at rest and then at set intervals after a period of exercise. The data recorded was put into a table and we then drew a line graph and analysed our findings.