Mrs Van Rooyen

4 Kite

Welcome to Life at KPS for Year 4

Mrs van Rooyen and Mrs Thamu warmly welcome you to Year 4.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Year 4, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Thamu

4 Crane

March 2019

What we have been learning so far this year:


We recently got our new sketch books to record our observations and use them to review and revisit ideas.  We are trying to improve our drawing and painting skills and collage techniques. We have been learning about Hannah Hoch, a German artist, as inspiration for our own collage. We have also looked Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ and discussed our views on this piece as art. We discussed the following questions: Can anyone be an artist? Does it matter how art is made?  We have also been learning different types of stiches using wool and binca fabric to develop our skills. 


This spring half term, the children have been learning how to insert clipart into their work. They understand how to use the crop tool to select relevant parts of an image. They have been taught how to format the pictures by resizing them, adding borders and other interesting effects in order to enhance the presentation of their work. 

The children have also used the shape tool to create a poster. They have learnt how to fill the shapes by incorporating different textures, gradients and patterns. They have used the process of layering to create a picture of a cat by using shapes and by grouping the objects. 


We have been learning how to write our own version of a traditional tale. The one we selected was The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we decided to write a version of the story from the point of view of the Troll though some of us wrote it from a Billy Goat’s point of view.  We tried to use a more formal tone and decided to focus on the traditional vocabulary used in the original stories. When you visit the contemplation zone, you will find our work on display. We also worked hard on a class project based on our history topic of the Battle of Hastings.


During the celebration of Chinese New Year, we developed our map skills by locating China and we looked at the capital of China and other big cities. We also used some visual maps to locate some famous landmarks and we used the ideas to create our very own visual map showing some of the famous landmarks and big cities.


We have studied the invasion of the Normans. We have learnt that the Normans brought many changes to England during the time where Kings were in the forefront of the battles and fighting the battles themselves too. England also underwent major changes due to the Normans. We have learnt about Edward the Confessor and his death in 1066 and the consequences of it and what it meant for British history. We enjoyed learning about the different kings and leaders, who claimed the throne and the impact of it in our modern lives of today.


We have learnt about fractions. We have learnt about recognising and show fractions using concrete materials, diagrams, families of common and equivalent fractions. Also, we have added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator, subtracted fractions from a whole and we have learnt how to solve simple problems involving increasingly harder fractions. We have also calculated fractions of quantities. At home, we try to apply our knowledge when helping in the kitchen or even when we go shopping.  


National curriculum aims to sing and play musically with increasing confidence and control. They should develop an understanding of musical composition, organising and manipulating ideas within musical structures.

This month, year 4 children have been listening and composing music related to the battle of Hastings.  They listened to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and discussed the ingredients needed to create their own battle music.  They gave consideration to the dynamics, tempo, pitch, timbre , texture and instrumentation.  In groups they organised their ideas, wrote their composition as a graphic score, practiced and performed.


In Panjabi we are learning about telling and writing the time using analogue and digital clock. First children recap the Gumukhi numbers and learnt the vocabulary about time in Panjabi. Children have also made clocks by using Gurmukhi numbers. 

Physical Education (P.E.)

The children have been working on teamwork. Learning how to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and using this information to help improve their performance in football. 

All children in year underwent a series of fitness tests and a short survey. Approximately, 30 children were also asked to wear an activity monitor for a week.  For taking part in this project KPS has been rewarded with a free whole school exercise program which will start in September.

Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PSHE)

We have been learning about the importance of friendship and how to maintain a good relationship with our friends and also to respect our friends and their feelings. We have also learnt about strategies we can use if things get slightly ‘tough’ and we don’t know how to deal or control our feelings and temper. Also, we have learnt about making the right choices when playing and communicating outside in the playground and that very action has a consequence. At the moment, we try to do the right thing and make the right choices even though we know it’s sometimes hard, we know it’s always the right thing to do. 

Religious Education (R.E.)

We have been looking at Buddhism and made comparisons to Sikhism during our RE sessions this term, where we have noted some of the similarities and differences between it and Sikhism.  

We discovered in Buddhism that people pray in a place called a Temple and that you must have a good Karma and a good life.  

We also learnt about the sacred book called, Tripitaka and the Sutras and that this religion dates back to 530 BC. Some of us found it amazing to know that Sikhism is the youngest religion! 


During this term, we have been learning about different types of materials and their properties. We explored changes of state, investigated magnetism and conductivity of electricity in metals and non-metals and we explored conductivity of heat in metals and non-metals through various practical activities and experiments. We found out that some materials are good conductors of electricity and those that are not, are called insulators. During our investigations, we have learnt about the dependent and independent variables as part of our experiments and line of enquiry. We are now in the process of starting to make predictions and justifying them by using our scientific concepts.