Mrs Birring

R Duck

Welcome to Life at KPS for Reception

Mrs Birring and Mrs Virdee warmly welcome you to Reception.

The aim of this page is to highlight some of the fantastic learning that has been happening in Reception, this page will be updated monthly, with photographs and information about the learning we have completed during the month.

We hope you enjoy looking through these updates and do discuss your child’s learning with them to celebrate their success. We look forward to any suggestions you may have to make your child’s learning a pleasant experience.

Mrs Virdee

R Parrot

May 2019

What we have been learning so far:

Communication and Language

Our children have been looking at a variety of different stories related to growing and planting. We have been reading and implementing the stories Jack and the Beanstalk, Jasper’s beanstalk and The Tiny Seed into the everyday learning. Our children used a variety of props including puppets to rein-act their own story relating to growing and planting. We really enjoyed how well they worked together to retell their own story and how amazing they were at changing their voices when acting out a specific character. Amazing work Reception!

Physical Development

This term in Reception our children have really been using their bodies to move in amazing ways. It has been a delight to see how our children were able to use the outdoor equipment to show their vast skills to others. Some of our children used the hula-hoops so skilfully and where even able to walk around the playground whilst spinning the hula hoop continuously without dropping it!

Our Reception children have also created their own football team within the phase and love to play football together. We really enjoy cheering our team on as they show their great defence and attack skills! The children have learnt to keep a tally as a way of keeping a record of the goal. They are able to use the tally chart to talk about and compare numbers. We love to implement maths in all areas of our learning!

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

This term our children have really developed into young confident individuals. Our children really enjoyed creating their own songs in both English and their home language whilst using musical instruments to support them. Some of our children loved using the guitar as part of the singing and where even able to pluck the strings in a skilful way. Our children were able to share their original songs to a small group as well as a whole class. We are so proud of how much confidence and pride our children take in their learning. Well done Reception!


Our children went exploring and found a spider! They have kept it in class as their class pet and have named it Fluffy. They were able to talk in detail about what it looks like and what it likes to eat. We went to the library and got books relate to spiders. The children wrote about what they found out about spiders from their observations and information they have read from the books. During circle time, our children loved to read out what they had found out about spiders and how it relates to our pet spider Fluffy in class.  It was amazing to see how much information our children wrote about and how they were able to use their phonic skills to write and read some complex words.


This term our children have been looking at using and applying their mathematical knowledge. Our children looked at how to use available resources around them to work out some simple addition sums. Our children were able to use unifix cubes, counters and their fingers to work out simple addition sums. They were able to explain what the answer is, how they got the answer, what does add mean, what does equals mean and what happens to the number/amount when you add. Our children loved working on these sums in our outside area and some children even used pencils and chairs to work out addition sums independently!

Understanding the World

Our Reception children were amazing at being explorers as they used clipboards, pencils and magnifying glasses to explore and investigate the environment around them. They looked closely at plants and insects around them, focusing on describing words. Our children came across a big spider in the playground and decided to keep it as their class pet. They have called it Fluffy! Our children were able to talk about what the spider looks like and what they think the spider eats. They were able to explain what things they might need to do in order to look after their spider in class.

Expressive arts and design

Our children in Reception have got great imaginations and creativity skills. We looked at a variety of different stories this term related to growing and planting and our children were able to use a variety of tools and techniques to create their own masks. They thought about how they wanted their mask to look and what things they will need in-order to create their masks. Whist creating these masks, the children focused on using scissors correctly to cut out their masks whilst being aware of being left or right handed. Once created, our children re-enacted a story with the masks that they had created as part of their circle time. Amazing work Reception!