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What is the role of the governing body?

Governing bodies are responsible and accountable for all major decisions about the school and its future. Governors have a legal responsibility to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. School governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. Governors work in partnership with the head teacher and other school staff to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school.

The governing body has 3 main roles:

  • To set strategic direction
  • To monitor and evaluate performance
  • To ensure accountability

What do Governors do?

School Governors make important collective decisions and the governing body is answerable to parents and the community. The responsibilities of the governing body include:

  • promoting high standards of education and achievement
  • planning the school’s long-term future
  • setting the school’s aims and values
  • appointing senior staff including the Head teacher
  • budgetary allocation and control
  • deciding on the number of staff to be employed
  • making sure that the curriculum is broad and balanced

The Governing Body of Khalsa Primary School

Name Status Date of Appoinment Term of Office Appointing body Responsibilities Governance roles in other educational institutions Business and Financial interest Declaration of Interest Attendance at meetings 2018/19
Jujar Singh Foundation 01.04.2016 31.03.2020 Appointed by SSST Chair of Governors None None None 8/10
Mandip Singh Thandi Parent 17.01.2017 16.01.2021 Elected by Parents Vice Chair & Health & Safety Governor None None None 6/7
Raminder Singh Vig Principal None None None 9/10
Onkar Singh Randhawa Foundation 03.10.2018 02.10.2022 Appointed by SSST Community Governor None None None 6/7
Narinderpal Singh Rana Foundation 03.10.2018 02.10.2022 Appointed by SSST Chair of Finance & Resources Committee & Development Governor None None None 6/7
Tarvinder Singh Parent 01.01.2015 30.09.2019 Elected by Parent Safeguarding/SEND/Pupil Premium None None None 7/7
Tony Ark Associate with voting rights 03.10.2018 02.10.2022 Co-Vice Chair HR/Equalities Governor None None None 6/9
Amarpreet Singh Dhaliwal Local Authority 01.10.2016 30.09.2020 Nominated by LA & Appointed by GB Co-Vice Chair. Performance Management Governor None None None 3/6
Mandeep Singh Staff 31.01.2016 30.01.2020 Elected by School Staff Safeguarding None Staff Member None 6/7
James Yarnold Observer 05.07.2019 Outcomes and Assessment None Staff Member None 5/6
Jasminder Grewal Foundation 20.11.2017 19.11.2021 Appointed by SSST Curriculum Chair of Standards Commitee School Governor at Edison Primary School & Villiers High School None School Governor at other Schools 2/6
Hardip Singh Foundation 20.11.2017 19.11.2021 Appointed by SSST Development/Performance Management Governor None Sibling at the School Yes-Sibling at the School 7/7
Catherine Cochrane Clerk to the Governing Body Clerk to the Governing Body None None None
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