Reception Timetable

Week Commencing 8th February 2021

Word of the week: Habitat
Book of the Week: Goldilocks and the three bears

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Wake up and get ready for the day – breakfast, get dressed etc.
8:00am to 9:00am Gurdwara Assembly and meditation
9:15am to 9:30am Zoom session

Group 1 – Phonics

9:30am to 9:45am Read with an adult/teddy bear
9:45am to 10:00am Zoom session

Group 2 – Phonics

Class learning set by the teacher WALT

Write sentences describing settings in the story.


Box up a recycled story.


Write the opening to a recycled story.


Write the middle part of a recycled story


Write the ending of a recycled story.

10:30am to 11:00am Zoom Session

Music with Mrs Stoker

Zoom Session

PE with Mr Bath

Zoom Session

Panjabi with Mrs Matharu

Helping round the Home Activity – make your own breakfast.

Talk about hand hygiene, getting everything ready first and the best order to carry out each task. Reduce risks of spilling and wastage by decanting milk into a small jug, cereal into a smaller container and jam or spread can be spooned onto a plate –this will need some patience and lots of praise. Consider which tasks will always need adult input (toasting bread) and which can be increasingly left to your child as they become more confident (pouring cereal from a box).


Staying safe

Stop Look Listen!

11:10am to 11:30am Zoom session with Group 1
11:35am to 11:55am Zoom session with Group 2
12:00pm to 1:00pm Lunch and Mindfulness or

Class learning set by the teacher Maths

WALT: Understand the concept of equal groups.


WALT: Practice counting in equal groups and adding them together.


WALT: Explore counting in groups of two to find the total.


WALT: Explore grouping objects in tens to find the total.


WALT: Explore counting in groups of five.

Class learning set by the teacher Movement

Activity – To keep the balloon off the floor.

Blow up a balloon.

Throw it into the air and challenge everyone to keep it from touching the floor.

Introduce some rules for challenge, e.g. you can only touch the balloon once and then someone else must touch it next, you can only use hands/feet/one hand etc. Have teams and invent a scoring system. Introduce more balloons into the game!

Questions to ask: Is it better to be gentle or rough with balloon contact? Can you use the back of your hand…just your fingers? Who is winning? How could we score a point?

Building and modelling

Activity – Make the tallest tower.

Set up the challenge. How tall can you build the tower? Explore the building blocks and think about ways to use them to build a tower. Allow your child to explore and build, experiencing the way the structure will wobble and fall as it gets taller. Encourage them to problem-solve, turning the orientation of the blocks and exploring different ways to steady the structure.  Encourage your child to compete with themselves. The first tower came up to your knees – can you make the next one taller? Try different materials to build with. Make up a story with the tower and some small play figures.


Create and play a board game.

Talk about any board games that you like to play. Discuss how you move around the board (often using a die) and some squares have actions associated with them (e.g. snakes and ladders). Say it would be fun to make a new game based on snakes and ladders.  Together plot out a linear route of squares with a starting and finishing point. You can number the squares or show the direction with arrows. Talk about what things might make a player miss a turn or go back a space and what might propel them forward. (muddy puddles and gusts of wind, banana peel and springs, etc.). Mark some of the squares with these.  Test the game to check that it is fun to play.

Art Activities

WALT: create a collage using magazines.

Remind your child how to use scissors safely and how to stick what they have cut out onto the paper. Look at some of the pages – discuss the pictures and colours. Talk about the different pictures that they could make by cutting and sticking. Remind them that they can try different arrangements and combinations before they stick their shapes in place. Let their imaginations run wild. They may want to create an abstract pattern or a picture. They may cut out shapes maintaining the image they are cutting from, e.g. cutting out a car, or they may cut random shapes across images to make new ones.

Understanding the World

WALT: reflect on features of my house.

2:45pm to 3:00pm Class Story time – Zoom session
Afterschool Mindfulness or

Extra activities – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Send a photo of your work via Class Dojo

I Spy
I spy checklist
Sorting objects
Missing numbers
Gummy bear prompt card
Science experiment
Letter to the three bears
What makes a bed comfy
Snakes and Ladders
What makes a bed – science experiment