2001 The Sikh community in Slough came together to bring together the initial ideas of a Sikh faith-based primary school. The head teacher of Lea Junior School, Mr Raminder Vig was nominated to lead the group.

2002 Government and local council told the community that there are already enough places for children in Slough and that an existing school would have to be converted to a Sikh Faith school. The committee knowing that this was very difficult attempted to consult with the Governors and the parents of Lea Junior School in Slough. The proposals were rejected very quickly and it was back to the drawing board.

2003 The Government was finally persuaded to allow a new school to be built and permission was given to find a suitable site. With God’s grace, a suitable site was found on Wexham Road, next to St. Ethleberts Primary School. However this site was also in demand by the local football club. After many months of lobbying the councillors and cabinet of Slough Borough Council the land was acquired.

2004 Eventually the cabinet approved the project to allow it to go to the next step which was to get the School’s organisation committee to approve the school project. At this point the project did not get approval by this committee because one or two groups on this committee rejected the project. It was then sent for appeal to the schools adjudicator to hear the case and after another 6 months he approved the project.

2005 Planning permission was granted, after approaching central Government, to build the school on green-belt land.

2006 In March after a lengthy tender process, ROK plc was awarded the project to build the school. Construction of the school began in June.

The local community helped raise much needed funds for the project through a number of events.

2007 Khalsa Primary School opened in September with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the children’s educational, social and spiritual needs.