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01753 823 501 – 9.45am – 1.30pm Sunday Term Time Only

Gurmukhi, Gurbani, Gursikhi – start your journey with us

At KPSS we provide a safe environment for all children to flourish and welcome students from all backgrounds, and from all parts of the country. We aim to provide a holistic and enriching learning experience through simran and meditation, excellent classroom teaching and strong pastoral care. We hope to provide your child with a secure environment to begin their spiritual journey into Sikhi, an understanding of the key principles that underpin Sikhi and the ability to learn how to apply these core principles to their everyday life.


KPSS has been running successfully for over 10 years under the governance of the Slough Sikh School Trust. We have a strong team of professional and dedicated volunteers who have been trained to teach Punjabi to children from 5 to 18 years of age. At KPSS we use mainstream techniques to teach Punjabi and deliver our lessons. Students should find that the approach is similar if not identical to that used in their regular schools, allowing for an easier transition into Punjabi school.

We understand the pressures and dynamics of family life which prevent families from practicing Sikhi so at KPSS we incorporate as much practical exposure to Sikhi as possible. Students will sit together in the Darbar Sahib each Sunday morning to take part in the Ardas, listen to the Hukumnama, recite Simran and Japji Sahib Parth. A short assembly will follow based on Sikh history or relevant current affairs topic linked to Sikhi. Parents and siblings of students are welcome to attend and take part in the assemblies.

Later during the day children will sit within their Sangat and eat langar together. Bringing the children together to become part of the Sangat is an enriching experience and one that provides our students with a practical understanding of the guiding principles of the Sikh faith and a sense of community.

KPSS also offers an adult class which can provide a refresher for those who have not used their Punjabi skills in some time or, students can start from the basics and build up their skill level. The adult class runs at the same time as the children’s class each week.


At KPSS we are focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment for our students to start their journey into Sikhi by learning Gurmukhi and about their Sikh history. We teach children how to use mediation and the power of Naam to enhance their mental wellbeing and begin their spiritual journey. We aim to provide tangible outcomes for our students to acknowledge their exceptional progress via GCSE and A’Level examinations giving them an academic advantage. When possible we connect our students with those Sikhs who can assist them in fulfilling their wider academic and professional aspirations. Finally we hope to empower our students to use their time and energy by helping their local and wider community through seva (selfless volunteering), as they progress into adulthood.


All sessions take place at 10am – 10.30am in the associated classroom

To understand what your child will be studying over the next 2 terms, the approach that we are taking and how to support your child at home, please come along to the scheduled parent-teacher sessions at the beginning of the term.

Sunday 16th September 2018 GCSE 1, GCSE 2, A’Level, P5
Sunday 23rd September 2018 P1, P+, P5

Sunday 30th September 2018 P2, P3, P4

School timings: 9.45am to 1.30pm

Autumn Term 2018:

Existing students start: Sunday 9th September
New students start: Sunday 16th September
Half Term School Closed: Sunday 21st October
School Open: Sunday 28th October
End of Term School Closed: Sunday 23rd December

Spring Term 2019:

Inset Day: Sunday 6th January
School Opens: Sunday 13th January
Half Term School Closed: Sunday 17th February
School Open: Sunday 24th February
End of Term School Closed: Sunday 7th April


KPSS has an annual intake of students, enrolment takes place each Summer before the end of term. Children need to be 5 years of age and in Year 1 at mainstream school, to start at KPSS.

Currently there are 3 feeder classes into the school (note this changes on a yearly basis depending on the number of staff):

  • P1: 5 year old students
  • P+: 7 to 8 year old students
  • S1: 9 year old students and above

All three classes a start from the basics/beginning of Punjabi. If your child has been attending another Punjabi school and has previous skills in speaking/writing/reading Punjabi, please notify KPSS when registering your child via the process outlined below. Where possible, children can sit short entrance tests to assess their ability and if they reach the required level, they can be entered into an existing class (ie. they do not need to enter the school via the three feeder classes).

At KPSS we also run an adult class to help our community learn Punjabi from it’s foundation or to refresh Punjabi skills that have not been used for some time. The class runs at the same time as the children’s: 9.45am to 1.30pm.

To apply to study at KPSS please email with the following information:

  1. Childs name
  2. Child’s date of birth
  3. Parent’s full name
  4. Parent’s contact number(s)
  5. Parent’s email address
  6. Any relevant information eg: previous Punjabi school/attainment in Punjabi/educated in India

For those children who have no previous Punjabi attainment, they will be placed onto the KPSS waiting list and will be notified if a place is available during June/July. Offer letters are sent out by email therefore please keep KPSS informed of any changes to your contact details.


At KPSS the children look forward to having langar with the school sangat, most students say it’s their favourite time of day!

We always need langar and seva contribution and if you are able to help please contact in any way, please contact Onkar Singh: 07737 749556.

Please note that langar must be strictly vegetarian and nut free, (this includes the use of coconut).

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