Year 2 Timetable

Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Word of the Week: Thawing
Meaning: the process of something frozen becoming liquid/soft by warming it up
Video of the Week: Paddington Bear – The Cold Snap

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:20 to 9:00am Wake up and get ready for the day – breakfast, get dressed etc.
9:00 to 9:30am PE with Joe Wicks – Live everyday from 9:00am to 9:30am on YouTube. Don’t forget to include your water breaks!
9:45am to 10:30am Reading Activity on Pythons Online Testbase Grammar Activity Online Testbase Reading Activity
What is a cowboy?
by Geraldine the Giraffe, /ur/ spelling
by Ruth Miskin /ear/
speed sound
10:30am to 11:30am Maths

Lesson 1: To identify shapes by the number of shapes and vertices


Lesson 2: To identify right angles in shapes


Lesson 3: To recognise lines of symmetry within 2D shapes


Lesson 4: To name and describe 3D shapes


Lesson 5: To identify 2D shapes on the surfaces of 3D shapes.

11:30am to 12:30am English

Write out the Word of the Week in a sentence.

Year 2 spellings Go through any spellings you need to practise from last week’s test


Watch Paddington Bear – The Cold Snap and answer the following questions;

  1. What was PB doing when Mr Currie called for him through his window?
  2. What was Mr Currie’s emergency? How was it solved?
  3. How would you describe Mr Currie’s personality? Do you think he is a kind man? Explain.

Write your own solution to Mr Currie’s plumbing problem. What would you have done differently to PB?


Write What! sentences to describe the state of Mr Currie’s bathroom.

Write a minimum of 4 sentences.


Choose 2/3 of London’s main tourist attractions and write a paragraph to describe them.

Remember to use 2A sentences.

For e.g. When I went on the huge, magnificent London Eye, I could see all of London.

12:30am to 1:30pm Lunch and something active
1:30pm to 1:45pm Reading records – read for 15 minutes and write in your record or Mindfulness
1:45pm to 3:00pm Choose one activity from the Menu

Record your activity and send via Class Dojo

3:00pm to 3:15pm Watch Newsround / Write your word of the week and a sentence