Year Reception Timetable

Week Commencing 19 July 2021

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Wake up and get ready for the day – breakfast, get dressed etc. School Closed for Summer Holidays School Closed for Summer Holidays
to 9:00am
Gurdwara Assembly and meditation
9:15am to 9:30am Zoom Group 1 Session with Mr Sembhi or Mrs Virdee Whole Class Zoom Session with Mr Sembhi or Mrs Virdee
9:35am to 9:50am Zoom Group 2 Session with Mr Sembhi or Mrs Virdee
Class learning set by the teacher Numbers to 30 Numbers to 50 Sharing numbers beyond 20
Class learning set by the teacher Movement

PE with Joe wicks


Same and different


Out of this world

Class learning set by the teacher The Emperor’s New Clothes

To listen to and respond to a story

The Emperor’s New Clothes

To act out and sing parts of a story

The Emperor’s New Clothes

To draw and describe a character

11:30am to 12:00pm UTW


To identify changes in the world around me



Season collage

12:00pm to
Lunch and something active

Practise breathing techniques or

1:00pm to
Numbers to 40  One more one less of numbers beyond 20 UTW


Build a flower

Class learning set by the teacher The Emperor’s New Clothes

To step and speak a story

The Emperor’s New Clothes

To role play a character

Class learning set by the teacher Write letters and identifying them by ‘feel’

Choose a letter and write it on your child’s non- dominant hand as they watch, using your finger like a pencil. What letter is it? Can they tell? You can identify it by the letter name or the sound it makes – either is fine. Ask your child to write the same letter on your hand. Praise their formation or help them if they are not forming the letter correctly Now for a trickier task. Say you are going to write a new letter and they will try to work out what it is just by feeling it. This time, ask your child to shut their eyes as you write. Can they guess it by feeling the formation? When they guess the letter, get them to try writing it on your hand. You can show them with their eyes open first.

Make food for a tea party

Set up the activity – pick a guest to make a tea party for (this could be a household member, toy or fictional character e.g. The Tiger Who Came to Tea). Talk about the type of food which would be good to serve them with and how you might shape it. While you child makes biscuits, cakes, sausage rolls, pizza etc. chat about what they are making. Encourage different techniques such as rolling, pressing cutters, pinching and scoring. Arrange the food on nice plates and welcome your guest/s

Read a favourite story to a pet or toy.

Pick the book together. Can your child remember what happens in the story? Look at the pages and talk about what happens. Set up a calm and cosy place to share the book. Ask your child to tell the story, either by reading the words or using the pictures to prompt their own retelling. They might do a mixture of both and that it fine. You could do this together, taking turns to read pages or parts. Your child will enjoy reading repeating words and phrases.

Heads, Bodies and Legs

Pre-fold each piece of paper into three equal folds so that when you unfold it there are three creases across the page. Each player draws a head in the top section, drawing a neck right down to the crease. They then fold the paper over so that the head is hidden. Pass the papers round and everyone draws a body for a different head (they cannot see the head they are drawing for). They draw the body with the lines coming down to the crease and then fold this over again. Pass the papers round once more and draw the legs and feet. When finished, pass the papers once more and unfold to reveal the funny pictures.

Summer Project

Introduction to your new class bird

Parrots are going into Flamingo class

Ducks are going into Rainbird class

Using this afternoon and the rest of the summer holiday children are to do the following:

  • Research about their class bird online
  • Use their phonic skills to write sentences about the information they have found about their class bird (Please ensure your child focusses on their handwriting as this will be used as part of their display work when they go into Year 1)
  • Children to draw (paint or colour) their Year 1 class bird
  • Children to use a variety of recyclable material to create a 3D model of their year 1 class bird
2:45pm to
Zoom Session
Story Time
Zoom Session
Story Time
PE with Mr Bath
Afterschool Newsround

Practise breathing techniques or